artist quote, Ursula von Rydingsvard

“Often when you’re in the process of real­iz­ing an image, it’s going some­where else. If that tan­gent starts going off in a place that feels more excit­ing, that’s what I go with.” 

—Ursula von Rydingsvard

After all these years, a new TIMBUK2

My new bag. Designed it today. The cen­ter is reflec­tive mate­r­ial. Now I have to wait for them to make it. I’ve had the bag I cur­rently use for 15 years, also a TIMBUK2. I dumped the old one in a wash­tub and gave it a shiny new fin­ish; I think that bag will last for­ever. But I needed some­thing a bit more client wor­thy so it was time.


Iron it out

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to walkphiladel­phia now short­ened to #walkPHL. But I have been mak­ing images all along. This image is one of many I have taken at this loca­tion. This is my favorite so far. All these won­der­ful irons seem per­fect arti­facts of Old City. On occa­sion I must admit that I want to open the door and grab a few to take home with me. The heft, the form, the pur­pose all intrigue me.

2014-04-09 19.14.56


Tableau in Kingston

2013-10-22 19.16.29

A view cap­tured after hav­ing din­ner and mean­der­ing around town.  A sur­prise design and his­tory expe­ri­ence in this store­front. I’m not sure which intrigues me more the orga­nized doc­u­men­tary group pho­tographs or the clas­sic fur­ni­ture. I’d love to have a read­ing room like this. So won­der­ful to win­dow shop when every­one has gone to bed.