NEW New York Times online

The night before last I was reading the New York times online. I read it online and on paper. I’ve always liked the interface because it was so inline with the newspaper. I felt comfortable. I also had a relationship with both the printed version and the online version… leaving the web for the huge photos or beautiful information graphics in the print version and I have to admit it the ads. I have always loved the advertising in the NYTimes.
Imagine my surprise when everything changed over night. This is what the New York Times looked like yesterday morning. It has already changed again with the addition of media “below the fold”.

I like it.

But I’m torn.

I don’t like the double ad boxes up in the top. Too big, they compete with the masthead. USAToday, CNN, LA Times, Washington Post… they all do the masthead better. Salon could learn a bit about how to effectively use whitespace from the times however. In a text rich environment it still feels restful for reading.

I expect that I’ll be writing about this new iteration while I investigate it.



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