This is me editing my blog with a terrific little… well not so little 38 meg application Flock.

It has its own blog editor which I am using right now. I can style my content and make it bold, italic, and my favorite crossed out. It will let me create numbered lists so that I can number things I need to do:

  1. make a capture of the editor.
  2. put a link to the website
  3. select the right categories.
  4. look for upload tool for my captures.

I think it has a spell checker…

Yes it does and the window is very sweet. Easy to understand.
I like this tool better than the interface that WordPress offers you even using the OSX interface. This interface understands how I want to do things.


  • it has an editor view and a source view [so if you want to link to files you have already uploaded or do html if you want to
  • the interface is very clean.
  • you have a pop up selector for accounts.
  • you can select a post to edit or create a new post

It has a window to drag content into. I’m going to try dragging the capture of this window in here. Nope. Ok I didn’t understand. I needed to set up access to my flickr account. Then I can upload to flickr by dragging files int a bar. I can also access all my images. Please understand that I am flying by the seat off my pants here. I didn’t read anything. I always try to see how mucch I can do with any application without directions. Directions are for old people.


Ok. I’m selecting the categories for the post. 

And I’m going to publish.