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Last week Alina was heading to a talk about The Village of Arts and Humanities; this is the Village’s 20th Anniversary. In her always generous way she introduced me [ and Margaret ] to Christian Long who was at a brand identity talk she gave in Texas and had made a stop in Philadelphia. Christian is President and CEO of Design Share an international forum for innovative schools.

What a great joy when he walked into our studio and exclaimed: “What a great space!” Nothing makes me happier than someone enjoying the space we have created that drives our day to day work experience. We had a great chance to give him the speed tour of Stellarvisions. Later that night we had a twenty minute chat at a cafe across the street from the studio. We talked about what we each do at a speedy pace. It was, describe what you do concentrate. After we explained what we do he said; “Oh, IDEO on a human scale.” Wow, was that was spot on.
Christian has boundless energy, tremendous focus, and a relentless commitment to reinvent the way we think about education and educating. His work to create better learning environments is aligned with our work around culture-driven tools™. The place where learning takes place is as important as what you teach. Design of an environment expresses and supports its culture and values.

Christian has a blog think:lab, I visit twice a week now. Imagine my surprise when there was a post from him about my blog and Stellarvisions. You can check it out here.
This is the beginning of a conversation I first became involved in with our fund raising work at CHAD: Charter High School for Architecture and Design.

Learning never stops. The photo up top is a from the construction of the Stellarvisions studio. Our space was created to support our core values, foster collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire new ideas.

More about The Village of Arts and Humanities
“Beginning in 1986, with a single goal of transforming a vacant lot into a park for children in the neighborhood the Village of Arts and Humanities was created.”

The Village is an inspiring experience for anyone who walks through it. It is spirit visualized. There are a number of events taking place. If you can attend one do it. It will awake your heart and soul.

The Village of Arts and Humanities
2544 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19133

Check out the website for more.

ipod as diagnostic tool?

ipod heart sounds
I’m not sure how I ended up at this article but it happened through the amazing tangential internet landscape. [,8599,1150017,00.html ]

Wow, what a smart idea. Let’s have doctors brush up their skills by listening to actual heartbeats over and over to hone their skills. Do it on an ipod isn’t that using technology in a super duper new way?

Been there. Done that.

Hearts sounds spread 2Hearts sounds spread 1Heart and Breath Sounds product
Here are the covers of a project that we did at Stellarvisions back in 1988. You can click on the thumbnails to see them at full size. This included a paperback book 130 pages and a cassette tape. One product was for heart sounds the other breath sounds. The products were created for nurses. A first for the publisher, the books were produced using totally electronic files. Illustrations indicating where to place the stethoscope and ECG’s were created in Adobe Illustrator 88. The book files were created in Aldus Pagemaker and output imposed directly to film. We created the digital files on an Apple Macintosh SE30.

Maybe we should suggest the client bring back the product and sell it with an ipod shuffle.

Just so we cover all the bases.

Publisher: Springhouse Corporation

Art Director: John Hubbard

Cover design: Donna Giannola

Designer: Stellarvisions

Stephanie Peters, associate art director