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Again comes through for me. This is a wonderful piece that is spot on. The only brave journalist so far to see the performance and speak to it truthfully.


In the late 1960s, the Situationists in France called such ironic mockery “détournement,” a word that roughly translates to “abduction” or “embezzlement.” It was considered a revolutionary act, helping to channel the frustration of the Paris student riots of 1968. They co-opted and altered famous paintings, newspapers, books and documentary films, seeking subversive ideas in the found objects of popular culture. “Plagiarism is necessary,” wrote Guy Debord, the famed Situationist, referring to his strategy of mockery and semiotic inversion. “Progress demands it. Staying close to an author’s phrasing, plagiarism exploits his expressions, erases false ideas, replaces them with correct ideas.”

By Michael Scherer

  • Up until now I was kind of on the fence about Colbert. Now I see him as a great American hero. I’ve watched the performance twice now and will probably watch it several more times.

  • He is just brilliant at his craft.