Spruce Street Market

This is a surprising perspective of my favorite market! The fresh flowers are amazing and the neon facade is a cheery moment on an evening walk in any season. I’ve always dreamed of living at The Drake on the other side of the street and walking across the street to pick up my fresh flowers.

One of the joys of Philadelphia.

This photo is taken by Fen Branklin see more of his photos at Flickr.

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barber dance


These are the feet of my barber Joe.

I love to watch as he moves around the chair, an effortless dance. All the time you hear the snip, snip, snipping of those super sharp sissors. The hair slowly falls to the floor and rolls like little dust bunnies as he glides from one side of the chair to another. There is a female vocalist singing quietly from the almost invisible speakers . It is a restful contemplative time these minutes that I spend watching him cut hair. I look forward to the next apointment three weeks away.

Who knew, Joe has a website: http://www.groomphilly.com/

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seeking sushi grater


Yes I want this object. Look at those carrots; perfect for sushi!

I saw this object somewhere once upon a time. I copied this image to my desktop. Now I just wish that I could put this image into a search box and google would find it for me.

I don’t think google can do this for me right now. Maybe soon. Until then I would appreciate any help I can get from you food or kitchen gadget fanatics.
Have you seen this thing? Where can I get one?

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small dogs from small dog

small dogs from small dog

These are some of my favorite little friends. I love small dog — I mean the Apple dealer in Vermont. I don’t purchase lots of technology but when I do one of the first places I go is small dog. They are the kind of business I want to support. People there care whether my purchase arrives on time and works. I even buy refurbished products from them. Best of all when I open my package there are small dogs like these inside.

I’m using my g4 powerbook that I bought from them to write this post.

So if you are looking for some technology take a look there first.

memory landscapes: azalea gardens

azalea gardens
My most recently completed drawing. This photo can’t possibly create the feeling of viewing this drawing in person. I hope to have some professional shots of a series of works soon. Then I can start building a small gallery of the works attached to my blog. A drawing blog.

I also hope to get up some of my earlier drawings. Unfortunately the color may be too subtle to capture for this space.

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