Katrina : Wake up and smell the coffee

This was our holiday gift the year of Katrina. We ordered a can of Café Du Monde from the famous café in New Orleans for each of our clients. We wrapped it in a label this message: Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s one world.

We had just completed an identity package for the SEGD Conference in New Orleans. Then there was Katrina. Then the levees broke. What a shameful moment for us all. One year later I am still ashamed.

a section at youtube

Spike Lee : When the Levees Broke

an interview with Spike Lee

at Alternet… scroll to the bottom of page


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  • You don’t need to be ashamed. You’re one of the good guys. Bu$hco and their ilk are the ones to be ashamed. If you ran the world, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • I still feel ashamed. I believe the people are responsible for their government. Not that I chose this one.