Me as Jeffrey Zeldman

Amy, Me as Zeldman, and Michael Nolan

This is one of a series of photos me and my pals took at a talk that Alina Wheeler did on Brand Identity. Ed Wheeler her husband an a pretty darn good photographer has this digital photobooth. The three of us shoved our way in on a cold, cold evening. I had control of the shutter.

It was a great talk and I got to do my Zeldman impersonation.

If you don’t know who Jeffrey Zeldman is maybe you don’t need to know. But if you are interested he is the author of Designing with Web Standards. A book that anyone designing for the web should own. He has a second edition now and a slew of other things going on. The biggest thing that I love about him is that he shares. Yes, he shares so that everyone can do better work.

I was happy to meet him at his Event Apart in Philadelphia. That guy up there Michael Nolan from Peachpit introduced us.

I’m not going to hit you over the head to read his book. Just spend some time at: or

and learn a little something.

Then you can decide if you want a copy of the book for yourself. I just think I do a damn good impersonation.

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