Stella Retro Apron

It’s absolutely mind boggling the things that can have your name attached to them. That’s why my identity is truely expressed as ste!!a. Anyway, I found this link through a number of wild clicks to blogs starting point

My first thought, someone would buy this? Second thought, I would look like an idiot if I tried one of these on. Then I began to think, anyone would look like an idot with one of these on. Imagine yourself wearing this apron.

You can view this lovely apron at:

Several other fabric patterns are available.

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  • I saw that too at Mighty Goods. Your post made me laugh out loud. What other items have you found with your name on them? Surely IKEA must have some kind of “Stella” chair or pillow or lighting fixture!

  • Ya know, there are a few. I have pictures of some. I’ll start adding them today.