Adirondack lakeside retreat

plein air drawing

We have been back from our vacation in the woods for almost two weeks now. The pace of life has changed and this is the first time I have had to write about the trip.

Each morning began with a simple ritual. Sleepy eyed and rumpled I put the the kettle on the stove to make the coffee. While waiting for the water to boil and after the obligitory trip to the outhouse was made I would assemble my drawing materials on the deck positioning for a new view each day. By the time the coffee was ready the sun offered enough light to consider making a drawing. The plein air experience created a whole new set of marks and approach that I hadn’t tried before. It yielded different shapes and textures. It was a fabulous experience to make drawings outside. Much has to be considered to create a workspace that allows for spontaneity and order. The image above is a typical set up for the nearly two dozen drawings I was able to make.