paper PINHOLE camera [STD-35]

STD-35 Pinhole

I love cameras — plastic ones, underwater, paper, and disposable; although I never really throw them away. I wrote a little while back about the Truck Pinhole Camera this is a smaller version of that fabulous low tech adventure of photography. This is the STD-35 pinhole camera.

from the lomo site:
Crafted in Japan, this is a do-it-yourself pinhole camera in a league of its own. First off, it uses the easy 35mm film & normal development that we all know and love. As with all things pinhole, you’ll get dreamy soft focus images with straight wide-angle lines and endless depth of field. Its 20mm angle of view captures a fat & wide chunk of everything in front of the camera. It’s constructed of sturdy 1mm paper card, secured with rubber bands, and includes all the tape and fixins that you need. We clocked about 1 hour from unpacking to complete assembly. Not to mention, this little guy is cute as a button and unbelievably functional once it’s all put together.

You can get one at the lomo pinhole camera store. As much as I love taking digital photos there are some amazing things that happen using these little film cameras that you can get at the lomography store. If you don’t know about Lomo or the crazy band of cultish photo folks that use them beware. If you see these really sweet cameras you’ll be spending lots of cash collecting each and every one. They are wonderful toys.

My addiction started with the action sampler seen below. I own the clear one below and a black version of the action sampler milk [the white one]. These take four exposures on one frame of 35 mm film; about a second apart. Terrific fun. Like having your own photobooth you can carry around. Occassionaly things get very wierd with double exposures and the like… the opportunities for the unexpected are limitless.
I also have a groovy vertical four exposure version too. It’s bright yellow.
Action Sampler ClearAction Sampler Milk

Then I had to move up to the LOMO KOMPAKT. This is a a fabulous little Russian camera. It was what really got me crazed. This isn’t one of those little plastic cameras… you can get a refurbished one these days. Check out lots of Lomo action at flckr there is a huge LOMO community there.

Lomo Kompakt

Then the Holga a 2.25 x 2.25 plastic camera. This is probably the biggest challenge of the bunch. It always has light leaks and you may find yourself using tape to try to seal the little spaces at the seams. Still its great fun. This image is of the flash version. I have the original. No flash for me.


These are some of my good friends I hope you enjoyed meeting them.

Google LOMO, you have hours of fun.