Hello Robert Altman

I was going to link to a wonderful biographical piece about Robert Altman that I had seen at youtube. The operative word here was. When I returned to the link this is the message I found in bold red letters:

“This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences because its content was used without permission.”
Give me a freaking break! A homage to Robert Altman due to his death and we get these crappy messages! The amount of threatening going on at youtube to remove content now that the company that owns it has some money blows my mind. Suddenly there is an assertion about copyrights and crap about intellectual property when the powers that be couldn’t give a flying you know what not that long ago.

I wish I knew what Robert Altman would say so I could post it.

Back to my original intention… I couldn’t write this post the day of Robert Altman’s death because I had to spend some time thinking about when I first saw each of his movies; what amazed me in each and every one.

Margaret and I had just seen Prairie Home Companion and were pleasantly surprised by the film. Even with one of the best storytellers [Garrison Keillor] and best environmental designer [Altman] I had my doubts… after just two minutes they were cast away.

We’ve begun to watch the movies again. To remember a life’s work and enjoy seeing the world from his point of view. I thought, should they be watched in the order they were made? No, I would begin with the film that had the most impact on me — 3 Women. Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek need I say more?

I’ve pasted the filmography and list of movies for which he was nominated for Academy Awards from Wikipedia [not to steal content but to link to it]. Never awarded an Emmy for a piece of work the industry gave him an honorary one just before his death.
I think McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) is next.


Nominated: Best Director
1970 MASH
1975 Nashville
1992 The Player
1993 Short Cuts
2001 Gosford Park

casey santorum


An interesting thing happened to me the other day…

I had signed a couple petitions to voice my opposition to the continuing and escalating war in Iraq; and instead of getting the same old stock responses from the previous senator from pennsylvania [he who shall not be named] I got them from the new senator from pennsylvania.

I guess it was predictable… change brings more or less the same.

I didn’t really expect much I guess. I didn’t even really want to vote for the new senator. But I had to get the old senator out of office.

Again I have two senators from the commonwealth that I can’t think of as my senators.

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Seeking the holiday tree.

Back out to Tom’s Trees!

On december 24th each year we grab the tree saw and hop into our 1986 Toyota pickup and head out west of Philadelphia to Tom’s Trees. It’s the annual trek for breakfast and finding our holiday tree; celebrating the winter
solstice. We’ve been cutting our live tree at Tom’s for many years now.
This photo shows our view when we arrived at Tom’s — no snow and a pretty mild day. We walked most of the tree farm and brought home a 9 foot beauty!

Bright lights and saving energy.
This year was our first year using LED’s to do all our holiday lighting. On a trip to Target we found a pretty good selection of both white and color lights They are really bright!

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