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Live Earth will use the global reach of music to engage people on amass scale to combat our climate crisis. Live Earth will bring togethermore than 150 of the world’s top musicians for 24-hours of music from 7concerts across all 7 continents. Live Earth will bring together anaudience of more than 2 billion at the concerts and through television,radio, film, and the Internet. That audience, and the proceeds from theevent, will create the foundation for a new, multi-year global effortto combat the climate crisis led by Vice President Al Gore. Kevin Wall,Worldwide Executive Producer of Live 8, is producing Live Earth.

What do you think when you listen to the morning news and are told the air quality is unhealthy?

from the weather channel…

How is the Air Quality Index calculated?
To measure air quality, networks of monitors record the concentrationsof the major pollutants at more than a thousand locations across theU.S. each day. These raw measurements are then converted into AQIvalues using standard formulas developed by EPA. An AQI value iscalculated for each of the individual pollutants in an area(ground-level ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfurdioxide, and nitrogen dioxide). The pollutant with the highest AQI isused as the overall AQI reading for that day and is listed as theprincipal pollutant.

What do the color codes mean?
EPA has assigned a specific color to each AQI category to make iteasier for people to understand quickly the significance of forecastedair pollution levels in their communities. For example, the colororange means that conditions are “unhealthy for sensitive groups”; thecolor red means that conditions may be “unhealthy” for everyone, and soon.

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