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Looks like an “all star” to me.

If ya think that you have enough bags and sleeves for your macbook pro… think again. This wonderful sleeve is available from speck. They have lots of fresh products and this is certainly a fun one. I know someone who would like to add this to her “chucks” collection.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star {trademarked} shoe site

All Star {history wikipedia}

Chuck Taylor

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The gateway to SOHO.

the gateway to SOHO by Forrest Myers

I was happy to hear that “the gateway to SOHO” has triumphed due to a compromise. Something we don’t hear of in this american life under George Bush.

I was going to design school in nyc when this work was installed. I walked by it many times on my way to wander through galleries, shop at Pearl Paints on Canal Street, and scavage the dumpsers outside the small manufacturing that still existed in SOHO at the time. It was always wonderful to see this piece. I’m glad to know that I will get to see it again.


On Oct. 17 the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously in favor of protecting The Wall, a 1974 work by Forrest Myers located on the north face of 599 Broadway at Houston Street in SoHo [see “Front Page,” Jan. `98]. The familiar work is based on an existing set of 42 metal braces in a grid of seven down, six across, which were installed to secure the brick wall when an adjacent building was torn down decades ago to widen Houston. Myers attached a projecting 4-foot-long aluminum girder to each brace, and then painted the whole lavender and turquoise. Jennifer J. Raab, chairman of the Landmarks Commission, who champions the work, expressed the widely held sentiment that the work is the “gateway to SoHo.” Others who actively strove to protect the wall are City Council member Kathryn Freed, State Senator Thomas Duane, New Museum director Lisa Phillips, and artists John Chamberlain, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Serra and Frank Stella. Read the full story here.

Morning Edition, March 15, 2005 · An acclaimed eight-story sculpture in New York City is at the center of a dispute headed to court today. The sculpture was made some 30 years ago and is attached to the outside wall of a condominium. The artwork is known as “the Gateway to SoHo” or simply, “The Wall.” Now, the owners of the building want to take it down and use the space as a revenue-generating billboard. you can listen to the broadcast here.

The original owner of 599 Broadway, Charles Tannenbaum, commissioned Mr. Myers’s work as a way of disguising an eyesore — naked joists that once were attached to a neighboring building that had been torn down. As its reputation grew, it became known as “The Gateway to SoHo.” New York Times article here.

The Moleskine City Notebook

Yesterday my pal Peter came back from the Antiquarian Bookshow in NYC. He brought back a number of interesting catalogs and refrained from any BIG expenditures on the amazing books available. But that is another story.

This post is about an exciting an affordable new Moleskine book. The city notebook. These books have all kinds of cool stuff for travelers. It’s got blank pages fro writing notes, a slew of pages of maps, street index, (a little too small to be readable for those whose age is on the higer side of 40) tabs, stickers to mark pages, and best of all reusable clear overlays to annotate the maps. They are even reusable. For erasing I suggest a Mars White plastic.

So, now I can make a travel book along with maps for some of my favorite cities.

That brings up the next point. My home city isn’t included in the published books or the planned releases for 2007. This is a bummer. Geeze Philadelphia is a huge visitor city. We get tons of tourists and have a slew of historical places to visit… great restaurants, museums… what’s the deal with us as a market. I want to note all the cool hidden places I find… note where I took images for mapping to my flickr site. I’ll be writing them an email after I post this.

I figure if I just visit the cities with books currently available it will be a good start.

available now:


coming soon:

New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Oh, They also have started a blog and you can find out more here.

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philadelphia murals : the young king

and his fairy friend.

Rosewood Street, between Catherine & Christian Street. Center City, Philly

photo by flickr friend, fen branklin

The Philadelphia Mural program is outstanding. The patterned backgrouds and the fairy always catch my attention. The young king is very dreamy.

Reminds me of Basquiat (1996).

What identifies Jean-Michel Basquiat as a major artist is courage and full powers of self-transformation. That courage, meaning not being afraid to fail, transforms paralyzingly self-conscious ‘predicaments of culture’ into confident ‘ecstasies of cultures recombined.’ He had the guts, what is more, to confront New York art challenge number one: can you transform self and heritage into something new and named?
– Robert Farris Thompson

<img src=

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my new hard drive : what’s in your bag?

LaCie Mobile Drive

This is a sweet 160 GB hi-speed usb 2.0 drive.

Just found the perfect drive to hold my iphoto library. I just can’t hold my entire library on my internal hard drive anymore. I was looking for an extremely low profile drive. I carry lots of little devices so the lower the profile the better they fit in my everyday bag. Size : 5.31 x 2.95 x 0.59 in. / 135 x 75 x 15 mm

BTW : This is some of what I keep in my bag. Every little space counts.

I keep my camera :

my ipod :


my card reader:

my laptop :

my moleskine planner :

2007 Moleskine Large Weekly Planner

my phone:

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the first person in space : Yuri Gagarin

Image:With communism to stars.jpg

Today in 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space. He orbited the earth once.

I was six then. I became a kid that was in love with the idea of going into space. I can remember lying on the floor with feet up. like an inverted chair, my friends pretending to be astronauts on space missions.

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new sculpture : kate kaman

These are a my art buds and neighbors Kate and Joel. This is a new sculpture commission they are working on at Sherman Mills. These are fabulous. You can probably find out more about them at Kate’s blog :

Kate’s work is organic and of the planet. She has a new show opening at Flotsam and Jetsam coming up. I think the opening is next week. Keep an eye out for opportunities to experience her work. She’s an artist to watch.

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word hawk : prebuffering

apple does it again

Ya know Apple seems to be at the forefront of this new vocabulary.
When you previewed songs at the itunes store a couple upgrades ago a dialogue box would appear that said : “buffering…”. Now we have a new message: “prebuffering stream”.

Ok, buffering means that you collect some data and hold it before you begin to say listen to an mpeg. So, the software downloads some data, holds it and then when it reaches a threshold it begins to play while additional data continues to download. This is intended to create an uninterrupted sound experience.

How do you buffer before you buffer? Adding “pre” is almost like negating buffer…. Ya know what i mean?

pretr.v. buff·ered, buff·er·ing, buff·ers

1. To act as a buffer for or between.
2. Chemistry To treat (a solution) with a buffer.
3. Computer Science To hold or collect (data) in a buffer.

odd occurances planetary scuffle

This was my view when arriving at stellarvisions monday morning.

A surprising new environmental installation had occurred. Unsure how the planet earth had multiplied itself and begun to orbit the large “rock” in our space… I photographed the condition. I am now photographing the area each day trying to establish what is actually happening.

Next day.


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