word hawk : prebuffering

apple does it again

Ya know Apple seems to be at the forefront of this new vocabulary.
When you previewed songs at the itunes store a couple upgrades ago a dialogue box would appear that said : “buffering…”. Now we have a new message: “prebuffering stream”.

Ok, buffering means that you collect some data and hold it before you begin to say listen to an mpeg. So, the software downloads some data, holds it and then when it reaches a threshold it begins to play while additional data continues to download. This is intended to create an uninterrupted sound experience.

How do you buffer before you buffer? Adding “pre” is almost like negating buffer…. Ya know what i mean?

pretr.v. buff·ered, buff·er·ing, buff·ers

1. To act as a buffer for or between.
2. Chemistry To treat (a solution) with a buffer.
3. Computer Science To hold or collect (data) in a buffer.