my new hard drive : what’s in your bag?

LaCie Mobile Drive

This is a sweet 160 GB hi-speed usb 2.0 drive.

Just found the perfect drive to hold my iphoto library. I just can’t hold my entire library on my internal hard drive anymore. I was looking for an extremely low profile drive. I carry lots of little devices so the lower the profile the better they fit in my everyday bag. Size : 5.31 x 2.95 x 0.59 in. / 135 x 75 x 15 mm

BTW : This is some of what I keep in my bag. Every little space counts.

I keep my camera :

my ipod :


my card reader:

my laptop :

my moleskine planner :

2007 Moleskine Large Weekly Planner

my phone:

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  • Michael Nolan

    Mmmmmm. Love the new look. Nice post about what you keep in your bag.

  • Thanks M.
    What’s in your bag these days? I was hoping this would be a fun conversation. I keep adding images as I look through the bag. Got a couple more coming.

    So, what’s in your bag?