How’s it feel to be in IRAQ?

How does it feel to be caught in a war that shouldn’t ever have been waged? In New York City on Memorial Day, Iraq war veterans used street theater to bring the reality home. This street theater took place in numerous US cities. Please take a look at this video and check out their website. We all need a little truth about now.

Here’s some video from Iraq Vets Against the War. []

This is from Operation First Casualty, NY:

The first casualty of war is truth.
This is the truth you will not see.

Playing with Skitch is fun!

Hey… this is fun! This is my first attempt at using Skitch. I found out about it from a Flickr friend Colin Devroe. Go over and sign up for the public beta.

I use SnapZPro for my screen captures and now I have Skitch. I’m using Skitch for fun right now but I imagine many other practical uses. But heck, let’s just stick with fun first.

More on this cool app as I experiment.

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