Liz Claiborne, 78 died on tuesday

Thanks to Liz Clai­borne for con­tribut­ing to the suc­cess of women in busi­ness everywhere.

Ms. Claiborne’s com­pa­ny was the first found­ed by a woman to enter the rank­ings of the For­tune 500, in 1986, and she was one of only a hand­ful of women who were chief exec­u­tives of com­pa­nies on that list.

- new york times

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How’s it feel to be in IRAQ?

How does it feel to be caught in a war that should­n’t ever have been waged? In New York City on Memo­r­i­al Day, Iraq war vet­er­ans used street the­ater to bring the real­i­ty home. This street the­ater took place in numer­ous US cities. Please take a look at this video and check out their web­site. We all need a lit­tle truth about now.

Here’s some video from Iraq Vets Against the War. []

This is from Oper­a­tion First Casu­al­ty, NY:

The first casu­al­ty of war is truth.
This is the truth you will not see.

Playing with Skitch is fun!

Hey… this is fun! This is my first attempt at using Skitch. I found out about it from a Flickr friend Col­in Devroe. Go over and sign up for the pub­lic beta.

I use SnapZPro for my screen cap­tures and now I have Skitch. I’m using Skitch for fun right now but I imag­ine many oth­er prac­ti­cal uses. But heck, let’s just stick with fun first.

More on this cool app as I experiment.

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