Ingmar Bergman dies films live on.

It was 1973 and I was just getting ready to head off to design school in NYC. I made many trips to the Waverly Theater in the 70’s. I remember that I saw my first Bergman film there, Cries and Whispers. I became a fan and later saw Scenes from a Marriage, and The Magic Flute in the same theater. It was the beginning of my understanding of films outside of the Hollywood model. He was part of my growth as a person and as an artist. Luckily we all can experience his films again and again always discovering new places inside his films and inside ourselves. This list is from wikipedia. Check out what they have to say and then find out for yourself.

Do you remember the first Bergman film you saw? Tell me about it.



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creative thinking : how get to the front of the line

I’ve been interested in TED since Wurman kept it to his small circle of friends… one could have called it wurmanfest. Now a larger vision and some very visible sponsorship has made many of the talks available to those of us that don’t have thousands of dollars to go hang out with the visionaries.

Hey wait… I’m a visionary!

I don’t want to give anything away… let me just say : How do you get to the front of the line?
Please watch this and comment. I would love to hear your thoughts. I found this inspiring.

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the iphone IS amazing

Ok. It is as amazing as I thought it would be.

What a shift in how we will interact with devices in the future. Interfaces for everyday use have been changed forever. Everyone talks about this “iphone” we should more acurately be talking about this device. Something that we hold in our hands that can morph into what we need it to be. With the Apple interface patent many overlays can be applied to a device. A keypad, a click wheel, a remote control.

With this new method of interface, designers won’t have to clutter a design with every mode a device must supply. When the device is a phone a number pad is accessed, when it is an email client it can morph to read or write.

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Dubuque : letterpress retreat


This is a panoramic view of my pal Peter’s new letterpress shop in Dubuque. He’s just started getting things organized. All the presses are in, unless he buys another, and refurbishing has begun. Plenty of natural light, terrific wood floors. It reminds me of the space Stellarvisions was in for years.

I’m really looking forward to spending some time there. Maybe a week retreat of sorts making prints with some of his fabulous wood type collection. I thought a series of broadsheets. I’m thinking I may create a library of marks that I can use much like my drawings.

I’m sure that Peter will have some ideas. Trying them will be part of the fun.

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i am not a crook

A strange sight while having lunch off of Rittenhouse Square.

I look up and to my amazement Richard Nixon is floating by. I am relieved, he’s only an advert for a history series at the Consitution Center.

Just the latest note on Nixon:

EDITORIAL; The Nixonian Whitewash, Scrubbed

Published: July 15, 2007 The New York Times

The saga of the unexpurgated Richard Nixon
never seems to end. A fresh supply of 78,000 documents and 11 1/2 hours
of President Nixon’s secret White House tape recordings — not for
those of delicate sensibilities — have just been released. This time,
however, eavesdropping on more of his tragicomic conspirings is
secondary to the fact that they are part of an agreement to finally
legitimize the privately run, propagandistic Nixon library.

library at Yorba Linda, Calif., has been turned over to the National
Archives after serving for years as the center of bowdlerized Nixonia.
The institution insulted history by peddling ludicrous whitewashings —
describing the Watergate criminal conspiracy as a ”coup” by Nixon’s
political rivals fed by fake scoops purchased by the Woodstein
investigative duo at The Washington Post.

That approach
has been properly packed away as part of the price of coming clean to
join the other 11 presidential libraries run according to the
scholarship standards of the National Archives.

One of the
early acts of President Bush and the former Republican Congress was to
allow the Nixon tapes and papers to be transferred to Yorba Linda from
the archives’ storage in Washington. Historians who had to sue after
Watergate to get at the tapes were properly suspicious (and have hardly
been comforted by the Bush administration’s Nixon-class mania for
secrecy and document denial).

But Timothy Naftali, respected as
an apolitical historian, has taken over at the library, promising to
showcase the new tapes for the public — ”the good, the bad and the
ugly.” This is good news, and as Mr. Naftali delivers on this mission,
the nation can relish, or not, the latest revelations. In one of these,
a few days before his re-election, Mr. Nixon asked an aide, ”What
about Watergate?” The president was assured no one was finding out

Link to article here.

A subscription is required. This article is archived.

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the iphone, the iphone platform

Apple has created a buzz. Ok more than a buzz. People were lining up days ahead of the launch at the Manhattan Apple glass cube to get their iphone. Craziness aside this is a cool phone. Am I getting one? Not yet. Why you ask? Because I have to buy a new laptop and the economy will only allow me one device right now.

I have scrutinized the iphone the best I can without having the actual device in my hands and it is amazing. Not just for the design — we can experience how it looks and feels and what it does. But because it is Apple’s new platform.

The iphone is a computer that just happens to be a phone and a contact manager, music player, a web and email device. Oh and a camera.

But more than that it is a computer.

People say wait for the next generation. Why? If you have the bucks I say buy one now.

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harry potter : philadelphia

Tasting the homemade brownies, hot out of the oven, at Joseph Fox Bookshop in philadelphia. At Joseph Fox the people that work there actually read books. Go to the website and sign up for their mailings or look at the staff favorites.

Recommendations are offered from an informed mind. Conversations about books, their authors, and their subjects are welcomed. If you live in or visit philadelphia I recommend you take the time to stop by and peruse the offerings.

It was a fun crowd on a sultry night. Plenty of chocolate on hand to battle the symptoms of the dark arts. We read the book in 22 hours… it was a bloodbath as JK Rowling has said.

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