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I can’t wait to hear the crunch of snow beneath my feet. Found this crisp image while visiting metoday at Flickr.com. I belong to the group it’s good fun. It is one of those
wonderful moments where you wander around the web following what
intrigues you.

It all started with a this :

MeToday: July 31st on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

combined with looking at this :

YES. I look forward to wearing fleece.

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  • Ok, yet another week or 90+ temperatures. I feel like a soggy french fry. Today is supposed to feel like 103… and by the way air quality — don’t breathe the air.

    It’s a sience fiction movie come true.

  • Yet another day over 90. Today it was 96. When I opened my door to go to the studio at 8 am I thought someone had thrown a HOT wet sponge at me. Temperture has finally gone down to 95 at 7:40 pm. I’m so looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Over 90 today too. However, a little rain has us down 76 at 9:30. The weather doesn’t seem like it wants to break.

  • Ninety again today… humidity is down a bit. I’m next to a pool so I can take almost anything. It’s supposed to go down to 66 tonight. Can ardly believe it. What’s it like where you are?

  • It’s 64 degrees! Finally. Late summer is here. Walks, bike rides, sitting by the river. Yippie.