Happy Birthday, Lego!

Lego turns 75 today.

Yip­pie! We use legos to stim­u­late think­ing. Build mod­els of web­site archi­tec­tures. And cre­ate build­ings and oth­er struc­tures just for fun. I see Legos and I have to buy them for some­one that I know. Maybe for the LEGO birth­day I’ll have to buy some for me. Thanks to webchick for the photo.

Just a few facts.

Found­ed in 1932 by car­pen­ter Ole Kirk Chris­tiansen from Bil­lund, Den­mark, the com­pa­ny made wood­en toys. The trade­mark name did­n’t come until 1934, inspired from the Dan­ish words “leg godt” (play well), and it was­n’t until 1949 that Lego began pro­duc­ing their now-famous inter­lock­ing bricks. The design final­ized in 1958 and it took anoth­er five years to find prop­er mate­ri­als to pro­duce the blocks. 

The LEGO Com­pa­ny is one of the world’s largest toy man­u­fac­tur­ers. They have mold­ed more than 200 bil­lion plas­tic build­ing pieces over the past fifty years.

The LEGO Com­pa­ny funds $5 mil­lion lab at MIT Media Lab­o­ra­to­ry : A lab for play­ing and learning.

Their web­site, loads of fun.

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