predictable october

I know that most of what you can find at my blog is unpre­dictable. But there is some­thing very pre­dictable going on — this is Octo­ber and that means POST. This whole month I have been absorbed in mak­ing work. Try­ing to get pieces com­plet­ed so I would­n’t have to hide them away dur­ing POST. I don’t like to show incom­plete work. I do occa­sion­al­ly most­ly to oth­er artists.


Occa­sion­al­ly my life is predictable.

If you would actu­al­ly like to see what I am will­ing to show. You can vis­it my art­log.

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Philadelphia Open Studio Tours — POST

I want­ed to give you advance notice that I will par­tic­i­pate in POST : Philadel­phia Open Stu­dio Tour again this year. I’ll be hav­ing a stu­dio sale that day offer­ing numer­ous small works at reduced prices. I need room to make new works. I hope that you will save the date and come to vis­it some­time dur­ing the week­end. Have a lit­tle snack, chat and spend some time with my new drawings.

Octo­ber 27 — 28, 2007

There are new artists here at sher­man mills and many are participating.

Mark your cal­en­dar. I hope to see you.

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vis­it my PORTFOLIO
Many of these works will be avail­able for purchase.

vis­it my ARTLOG
Many of these works will be avail­able for purchase.

see my egypt­ian waters series
I’m pleased to announce that my work is cur­rent­ly at Bridge Club of Cen­ter City 1616 wal­nut street on the 6th floor. You can see the work before the games. You can find out more using the link. Check out the art and maybe stay and play some bridge. If you would like to make an appoint­ment to see the work please send me an email.

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aRt cards for my open studio [moo!]

These are the cards I’ve made for my open stu­dio com­ing up in Octo­ber. (You can read more about my art at my art­log.) How is this unpre­dictable you say? Well I cre­at­ed a set of images from my draw­ings at flickr, then they were ran­dom­ly select­ed to make the cards. Vis­i­tors to my stu­dio will be able to choose a card when they sign in at a cor­re­spond­ing block in my guest­book. There will be more about this sto­ry and how it all turns out in my art­log. I just orderd anoth­er set of one hun­dred. Let’s hope the Roy­al Mail strike does­n’t hold them up.

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