4 usb,2 firewire a light and fan

LaCie Hub

I was stum­bling around the web and found this. The LaC­ie USB and FireWire Hub that I would actu­al­ly put on my desk. It’s not only a hub — it has a lit­tle fan and an led light for those dim con­di­tions or if you only use task light­ing like I do. Designed by Ora-Ïto it is a pleas­ant sur­prise in the world of ugly box­es that usu­al­ly per­form these functions.

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january : presidential boredom

I’m a polit­i­cal junkie. But I can tell you that this time around I’m with the 36% at cnn’s poll. I just can’t get charged up about any­one. Do I think any of the con­tenders will end these wars? Not a chance. What about the econ­o­my? It’s the war stu­pid. Until we end these wars we will con­tin­ue to suf­fer a painful decline. 

I’m already bored and unimpressed.

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Buckminsterfuller big head

Ok. I love Bucky. This stamp how­ev­er is dis­turb­ing. The dome head I’m ok with, the giant head not real­ly. This is one of those unpre­dictable moments that lead me to think about the giant ice cream cones, ele­phants, and oth­er strange­ly shaped build­ings one can find along what were once the big highways.

I imag­ined dri­ving along the high­way at 2 am and see­ing Buck­y’s head on the side of the road. What, I thought could be inside? A com­fort­able lit­tle hotel? A 24 hour din­er? An open all night Bucky museum?

After all of these unpre­dictable thoughts I was lead past my moment of inde­ci­sion. I real­ly don’t like Buck­y’s head with no body on this stamp. I just could­n’t buy it. Would you?

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