Colin hacks : macro lens and a light for the iPhone

Making a macro lens and a light for the iPhone | Hi, I’m Colin Devroe.

So this is one of the most analog hacks I’ve seen in a while. Sorta looks like a pirate or a borg. Colin must have been really bored. Or maybe creativity just over took him and this is what happened. Either way I’m digging it.

Check out his post :
You can also take a look at some of his iphone photos at flickr. This link will take you to a macro shot of an m&m you’ll like it.
Check out the m :

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SEPTA Go Green

oh no

“One SEPTA rider consumes about half the amount of oil than that of a private commuter. Imagine what a busload can do.”SEPTA also has been working to minimize the environmental impact of its fleet.

It operates 32 diesel-electric hybrid buses and plans to add 400 more by 2011. These are 30 percent more fuel efficient and emit significantly less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, according to SEPTA. Other buses have been retrofitted so they can use cleaner, ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel.

SEPTA’s new theme: ‘Go Green’ | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/26/2008

Ok so who knew?

I hate buses, I love trollies. I want more trollies. I hate the noise that buses make and the smell when the engine isn’t running clean… the heat from the engines. I hate buses.

But, at least something progressive is happening. And if riders are up maybe we can get something better than a bus — like a trolly.

So, when do we make the taxis hybrid?

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lunar eclipse : we love the moon!

Google Moon

The space race was an important influence in my youth. My family was glued to the news about astronauts, cosmonauts, and proposed missions. I can remember watching the landing on the moon. I love space, the cosmos, cosmology, and heavenly bodies.

Last night it was the last lunar eclipse until 2010. It was freezing cold. I luckily sat in my loft looking up at it through the skylight. I watched as the planet on which I reside placed itself between the sun and the moon. The shadow being cast to block our moon.

Too cool.

Wanna have some fun exploring the moon? Check out this great site.

visit : google moon

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Revoke the convention center!

Pa. Convention Center Approval Revoked
It’s pretty clear that Pennsylvania officials didn’t bargain on a public fuss when they decided unilaterally to tear down the two protected Broad Street buildings that were supposed to be part of the expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center. Nor, I suspect, did they expect any trouble from one of Philadelphia’s more obscure agencies, The Philadelphia Art Commission.But now the project’s architects have some explaining to do.The art commission wants to see the revised design for the facade – sans the Philadelphia Life Insurance Co. headquarters – before it will allow the $700 million mega-project to receive a building permit. That’s sort like having your dam project derailed by a snail darter.

Skyline Online

Hip hip!

This project gives me the creeps. I’m not for the expansion of the convention center. However, if it has to happen why can’t we keep some kind of street level design that doesn’t feel like a parking garage. This is like those mysterious fires that enable developers to move forward with projects.

Thanks to Inga Saffron for the update. Check out Skyline Online using the link above. See pictures of the demolition and more about the historic piece of Philadelphia lost.

Thank you to the Philadelphia Art Commission!

Oh, btw can someone remind me why we are expanding the convention center?

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new ART commissioners in philly

Another great change for Philadelphia. Neighbor and much admired painter Moe Brooker is the new chair. Yippie, and congratulations to Moe.


Nutter names new art commissioners

Mayor Nutter has named several new members to the city’s Art Commission, a panel established by city charter to monitor the streetscape, public art, and the area around the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

In the most notable change, painter Moe Brooker, professor at Moore College of Art and Design and already a commission member, has been named chairman, replacing William Wilson, a friend of former Mayor John F. Street and head of the landscape firm Synterra.

Wilson has stepped down.

Nutter also named several new members, including José Alminana, a principal of Andropogon Associates Ltd., a landscape architecture firm; Sean Buffington, president of the University of the Arts; Karen B. Davis, head of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia; and sculptor Robert Roesch, chair of the sculpture department at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Other members of the commission are Emmanuel Kelly, of Kelly/Maiello Architects and Planners; Robert N.C. Nix 3d, president of the Fairmount Park Commission; and Patricia Alexander Sanford, founder of Alexander Perry Inc., a design firm.

Nutter said his appointments would “bring great perspective and expertise” to the art commission.

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buying storage space

Renting storage space is something I don’t understand. Why do people lug all the junk they never use to a locked box somewhere? Do people really remember what they put in these boxes?

The video waves of stuff freak me out. Your thoughts?