Revoke the convention center!

Pa. Convention Center Approval Revoked
It’s pretty clear that Pennsylvania officials didn’t bargain on a public fuss when they decided unilaterally to tear down the two protected Broad Street buildings that were supposed to be part of the expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center. Nor, I suspect, did they expect any trouble from one of Philadelphia’s more obscure agencies, The Philadelphia Art Commission.But now the project’s architects have some explaining to do.The art commission wants to see the revised design for the facade – sans the Philadelphia Life Insurance Co. headquarters – before it will allow the $700 million mega-project to receive a building permit. That’s sort like having your dam project derailed by a snail darter.

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Hip hip!

This project gives me the creeps. I’m not for the expansion of the convention center. However, if it has to happen why can’t we keep some kind of street level design that doesn’t feel like a parking garage. This is like those mysterious fires that enable developers to move forward with projects.

Thanks to Inga Saffron for the update. Check out Skyline Online using the link above. See pictures of the demolition and more about the historic piece of Philadelphia lost.

Thank you to the Philadelphia Art Commission!

Oh, btw can someone remind me why we are expanding the convention center?

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  • Michael

    I read about this in Inga’s column. It’s a damn shame. In general, when I lived in Philly I was appalled by the cavalier attitude towards historic buildings.

    The other night I had a dream about when I used to take my dog to walk at Old Swedes church. But it seemed to be in an earlier era, before there was I-95 and all its noise. And for some reason they were going to tear down the brick wall around the churchyard and build luxury condos. Not sure what that was about. This, maybe.

  • I think it was a dream message. Yes every building becomes a condo. The buildings that don’t become condos get knocked down to make way for the expansion of the convention center. Philadelphia has such poor respect for the fabulous streetscape that makes it a walkable city.

    In this most recent boom of building the lack of real oversight about city planning has become even more obvious.

    We have lost so many of the real human scale aspects of our city.