SEPTA Go Green

oh no

“One SEPTA rider consumes about half the amount of oil than that of a private commuter. Imagine what a busload can do.”SEPTA also has been working to minimize the environmental impact of its fleet.

It operates 32 diesel-electric hybrid buses and plans to add 400 more by 2011. These are 30 percent more fuel efficient and emit significantly less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, according to SEPTA. Other buses have been retrofitted so they can use cleaner, ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel.

SEPTA’s new theme: ‘Go Green’ | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/26/2008

Ok so who knew?

I hate buses, I love trollies. I want more trollies. I hate the noise that buses make and the smell when the engine isn’t running clean… the heat from the engines. I hate buses.

But, at least something progressive is happening. And if riders are up maybe we can get something better than a bus — like a trolly.

So, when do we make the taxis hybrid?

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