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Lewis Knauss : Returning Grasses

I was very excit­ed to blog this. Per­fect for unde­cid­ed moment or unpre­dictable thoughts. But I can’t let you guess what it might be because of this awful tag under the image. What the freak­ing heck were they think­ing. Afraid that the work would­n’t be cred­it­ed? Geeze.

So the moment of sur­prise, won­der, and con­fu­sion about what it is, what size it is, who could have made this inter­est­ing mat­ted thing is lost. What a shame.

It still is quite beau­ti­ful however.

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Strategic technology : Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows users.

What a sur­prise… Apple is using it’s prod­uct posi­tion to intro­duce win­dows users to anoth­er free piece of soft­ware. All along I have found the avail­abil­i­ty of a supe­ri­or soft­ware prod­uct like iTunes as a spring­board for Apple into the con­scious­ness of win­dows users. It rais­es expec­ta­tions for a more intu­itive inter­face a less clut­tered screen. After all, if you use iTunes and you like it — what the heck give the Apple brows­er a try. Each new prod­uct cre­ates a halo of inter­est for prod­ucts that work well and an inter­face that becomes more familiar.iTunes has opened the door for Apple to expand their user base and ulti­mate­ly move con­sumers to their products.


This is a cap­ture from the full arti­cle at AppleIn­sid­er. Look at the stats on inter­net explor­er. Things are chang­ing… and the more Apple can expand its use of web stan­dards in it’s brows­er the more share it can grab. Con­tin­ue reading…

Electronic Arts Spore and my birthday iPhone

AppleIn­sid­er | Com­ing to iPhone: Instant Mes­sen­ger, EA’s Spore, SEGA games

I watched the Apple event about the iPhone again today. I had to watch the Spore ame from EA. I love that lit­tle spore and I can’t wait to play it on my very own iPhone. My Razor is start­ing to be a lit­tle weird and although I have a love for the Motorol­la bat­phone sym­bol I just want an eas­i­er to use device. Actu­al­ly, I real­ly want a device that is more than a phone. I want a hand­held device that will allow me to leave my lap­top at the stu­dio now and again.

I want a device that man­ages my voice mes­sages, that will let me access my grand cen­tral account, my flickr account, IM, watch movies and lis­ten to music… and yes play SPORE.

I think this is going to be a very good birthday.

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iphone event LIVE today

Ok. I have to admit. I’m keep­ing my eye on three live blog­ging loca­tions about the iPhone event today. My fave is engaget but we’ll see what the giz­mo­do folks have to offer too.

I like the roadmap invi­ta­tion and want­ed to use it in a post. So here I am.

Holy Moly Apple is doing exchange! Licens­ing Microsoft soft­ware to make it hap­pen. The enter­prise is now just an iPhone away. Mov­ing into the biz mar­ket could real­ly big time. Games, EA, SEGA. Epocrates. This is an app for doc­tors. Instant mes­sag­ing ok now we are talking!

100 Mil­lion dol­lars in the iFund for iPhone developers.


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