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Lewis Knauss : Returning Grasses

I was very excited to blog this. Perfect for undecided moment or unpredictable thoughts. But I can’t let you guess what it might be because of this awful tag under the image. What the freaking heck were they thinking. Afraid that the work wouldn’t be credited? Geeze.

So the moment of surprise, wonder, and confusion about what it is, what size it is, who could have made this interesting matted thing is lost. What a shame.

It still is quite beautiful however.

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Strategic technology : Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows users.

What a surprise… Apple is using it’s product position to introduce windows users to another free piece of software. All along I have found the availability of a superior software product like iTunes as a springboard for Apple into the consciousness of windows users. It raises expectations for a more intuitive interface a less cluttered screen. After all, if you use iTunes and you like it — what the heck give the Apple browser a try. Each new product creates a halo of interest for products that work well and an interface that becomes more familiar.iTunes has opened the door for Apple to expand their user base and ultimately move consumers to their products.


This is a capture from the full article at AppleInsider. Look at the stats on internet explorer. Things are changing… and the more Apple can expand its use of web standards in it’s browser the more share it can grab. Continue reading…

Electronic Arts Spore and my birthday iPhone

AppleInsider | Coming to iPhone: Instant Messenger, EA’s Spore, SEGA games

I watched the Apple event about the iPhone again today. I had to watch the Spore ame from EA. I love that little spore and I can’t wait to play it on my very own iPhone. My Razor is starting to be a little weird and although I have a love for the Motorolla batphone symbol I just want an easier to use device. Actually, I really want a device that is more than a phone. I want a handheld device that will allow me to leave my laptop at the studio now and again.

I want a device that manages my voice messages, that will let me access my grand central account, my flickr account, IM, watch movies and listen to music… and yes play SPORE.

I think this is going to be a very good birthday.

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iphone event LIVE today

Ok. I have to admit. I’m keeping my eye on three live blogging locations about the iPhone event today. My fave is engaget but we’ll see what the gizmodo folks have to offer too.

I like the roadmap invitation and wanted to use it in a post. So here I am.

Holy Moly Apple is doing exchange! Licensing Microsoft software to make it happen. The enterprise is now just an iPhone away. Moving into the biz market could really big time. Games, EA, SEGA. Epocrates. This is an app for doctors. Instant messaging ok now we are talking!

100 Million dollars in the iFund for iPhone developers.


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