my birthday month : day seven

So, I check my email today and there is an Ama­zon notice. New book by Ursala K LeGuin. What a great gift for my birth­day! Mar­garet went down to Joseph Fox Books just around the cor­ner and bought a copy — my gift to her. My gift would be that she would read it to me.

You can lis­ten to her read here.

You can watch her read from her new book Lavinia at youtube. Here’s the video.

my birthday month : day six

Oth­er Lives* All of us have pub­lic lives. Some of us have oth­er lives, as well. It may be an inner life that is shared with no one. It may be a secret: an undis­cov­ered crime, an unac­knowl­edged lover or a child sur­ren­dered years ago. It may be an obses­sion that we pur­sue in the shad­ows. What do we real­ly know about any­one, even those clos­est to us? 

Her Oth­er Life, episode 1: stel­la

When it is your birth­day month every­thing is about you.
This is an inter­ac­tive nov­el by a girl­friend; an inter­a­tive thriller to be pre­cise. The first episode is like a birth­day gift because my name is the title. It’s a lit­tle steamy. That’s good too.

Enjoy it and add your own twists.

The pho­to is from Ms. Jane Hudson.

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my birthday month : day five

Today was geek day. My new dri­ve from Oth­er World Com­put­ing came 200 gigs or 7200 rpm good­ness, yum­my. I took out my dri­ve and all the tools I need­ed (so I thought) and began by for­mat­ting and installing OSX. That was­n’t too painful. Then I began to take apart the case of my Mac­book Pro. Tiny screw by tiny screw. Damn this thing has lots of tee­ny tiny screws. Twen­ty sev­en in total. The whole case was apart and now I removed the hard drive.

Now I am tak­ing apart the screws on the hard dri­ve itself with the lit­tle rub­ber bumpers… geeze where is my torx 6? I can’t find my torx 6. 9:45 pm — Every­thing is closed.

This is what it looked like.

that's it

I can fig­ure this out. I get a small hex dri­ver and I can get three of the screws out. I can’t get the fourth and I don’t want to strip the screw. Emer­gency geek friend call. Dri­ving to George’s house at 10 pm. I get the torx 6 and buy an extra hard dri­ve case he hap­pened to have around. Got the screw out and head­ing back downtown.

The rest of the sto­ry… I’m writ­ing this post on my machine with my new hard drive.

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my birthday month : day four

Woke up after about four hours sleep and head­ed to my stu­dio. Mar­garet tossed some stuff in my lunch­box, I grabbed my ipod and I was on my way.

Get­ting ready to make work is always a rit­u­al. It helps me when my brain isn’t func­tion­ing — my body remem­bers what to do. After plug­ging in the ipod, light­ing the incense, and putting on a cup of tea I was ready to sit and look at the new work I start­ed last week. I opened my sketch­book and began to write the chant in my head that would take me to the high peaks, to the huge stands of flut­ter­ing aspens, to the huge hem­locks, to the deep fra­grant spaces of red pines.

These draw­ings will be in All About Trees. Here’s a glimpse of one still in the works. It was a very pro­duc­tive day. Two of the draw­ings are finished.

unfinished work

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