my birthday month : day seven

So, I check my email today and there is an Amazon notice. New book by Ursala K LeGuin. What a great gift for my birthday! Margaret went down to Joseph Fox Books just around the corner and bought a copy — my gift to her. My gift would be that she would read it to me.

You can listen to her read here.

You can watch her read from her new book Lavinia at youtube. Here’s the video.

my birthday month : day six

Other Lives* All of us have public lives. Some of us have other lives, as well. It may be an inner life that is shared with no one. It may be a secret: an undiscovered crime, an unacknowledged lover or a child surrendered years ago. It may be an obsession that we pursue in the shadows. What do we really know about anyone, even those closest to us?

Her Other Life, episode 1: stella

When it is your birthday month everything is about you.
This is an interactive novel by a girlfriend; an interative thriller to be precise. The first episode is like a birthday gift because my name is the title. It’s a little steamy. That’s good too.

Enjoy it and add your own twists.

The photo is from Ms. Jane Hudson.

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my birthday month : day five

Today was geek day. My new drive from Other World Computing came 200 gigs or 7200 rpm goodness, yummy. I took out my drive and all the tools I needed (so I thought) and began by formatting and installing OSX. That wasn’t too painful. Then I began to take apart the case of my Macbook Pro. Tiny screw by tiny screw. Damn this thing has lots of teeny tiny screws. Twenty seven in total. The whole case was apart and now I removed the hard drive.

Now I am taking apart the screws on the hard drive itself with the little rubber bumpers… geeze where is my torx 6? I can’t find my torx 6. 9:45 pm — Everything is closed.

This is what it looked like.

that's it

I can figure this out. I get a small hex driver and I can get three of the screws out. I can’t get the fourth and I don’t want to strip the screw. Emergency geek friend call. Driving to George’s house at 10 pm. I get the torx 6 and buy an extra hard drive case he happened to have around. Got the screw out and heading back downtown.

The rest of the story… I’m writing this post on my machine with my new hard drive.

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my birthday month : day four

Woke up after about four hours sleep and headed to my studio. Margaret tossed some stuff in my lunchbox, I grabbed my ipod and I was on my way.

Getting ready to make work is always a ritual. It helps me when my brain isn’t functioning — my body remembers what to do. After plugging in the ipod, lighting the incense, and putting on a cup of tea I was ready to sit and look at the new work I started last week. I opened my sketchbook and began to write the chant in my head that would take me to the high peaks, to the huge stands of fluttering aspens, to the huge hemlocks, to the deep fragrant spaces of red pines.

These drawings will be in All About Trees. Here’s a glimpse of one still in the works. It was a very productive day. Two of the drawings are finished.

unfinished work

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