The Warhol.

to the warhol.png

This was the google sug­gest­ed route. We took the Rober­to Clemente bridge over the riv­er. There was a ball game and the bridge was closed to vehic­u­lar traf­fic. Every­one was head­ed to the game. It was a glo­ri­ous evening and we almost went to the game. The sta­di­um vor­tex almost pulled us in — did­n’t hap­pen. We went to the Warhol. Could­n’t take any pho­tos inside. There was a ter­rif­ic room on the first floor where you could be famil­iar with events of Andy’s life. Enjoyed it very much. They had an inter­ac­tive kiosk that sucked.

Here’s a shot of Andy’s bridge. Sweet eh?

Check out the web­site and make a vis­it if you are in town. Sev­en floors of fun stuff and fri­days are half price.


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