The New York City Waterfalls : BIG Public Art

New York in the summer is a sluggish time with the heat and humidity driving anyone who lives in the city to shore, mountain retreats, or europe. However, for those that cannot escape there is a wonderful new public art project to cool your mind if not your body.

While meandering through one of the many copies of the Times piled on our coffee table at Stellarvisions I came across an article about the new really BIG public art project by Olafur Eliasson. This project involves lots of water and that is a cool thing. This is a project so compelling it will draw many to see it during their sultry vacations.

I haven’t seen any of this project in person yet but I have been visiting the many places on the web that will help you find out more about Olafu Eliasson and the Public Art Fund who made this installation happen. You can see this work by train, boat, bicycle, or foot and the website will give you the scoop.

This is a huge project in all ways. There are four waterfalls they are between 90 and 120 feet tall, water will fall between 7 and 10 pm. The water will be lighted in the evening. The engineering is an incredible feat; pulling water up from the river to let it rain down to its source again. It cost 15 million bucks and the Public Art Fund tapped everyone including the Major to make it happen.

I’m thinking the Circle Line tour is a good idea. No lugging around my camera, picnic basket and all. Seems like you would have to experience it so many ways and times of day. This could keep us all busy until October when the installation closes.

Without even visiting the work it has made me think of the water that surrounds Manhattan in a different way. It brings the water to life again. No longer just a surface upon which boats pass and commerce takes place. It is a surface that can be broken. It reminds us of the nature of water and water in nature. Its not a leap to move into the thoughts of our experiences with gentle sprays and powerful cascades.

Thanks to Olafur Eliasson for creating this internal and external conversation.

Here’s a look at some of the info available on the web. Even if you can’t make the trip to NYC. You can experience the work in another way.

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