library ladders and a good writer

I just read a delightful piece in the times. I hadn’t really been captured by one of the CITY articles quite like this one. The writing conjured up sounds and smells that made me feel quite warm inside, like a silky bitter hot cocoa. The piece was written by Caroline H. Dworin whose other work can be found at her website. You should read her work, because as she so simply says, ” She is a good writer, and she means well.”

This story reminded me of the moments in Harry Potter where he goes to Mr. Ollivander wand shop. Mr Ollivander climbs a ladder and reaches around many cardboard boxes looking for Harry’s wand. I also thought of the numerous fabulous art stores with wooden floors and ladders to reach stores of lithography inks and papers.

This is just one of the glorious insights into a place where time stands still and quality of materials and product are part of what defines the Putnam culture.

This floor is an orphanage of broken ladders, the bleaker version of those below. Gregg still rescues ladders from closing businesses, and sometimes even buys them back for $25 or $50. Once, while having dinner in a downtown restaurant, he spied one through the window of a closing bookshop, and wrote a letter to the owner asking to reclaim it. His friends and family are mystified by this ability to pick out his ladders from a distance, as if responding to some low-frequency cry.

Mostly I thought of this magical way that the ladders still speak to their makers.

You might want to order a ladder while you still can. Who knows how much longer they can hold off progress.

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