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While drink­ing cof­fee a thought inter­rupt­ed a quite glo­ri­ous sip. I have an idea I want to scrib­ble it down. Should I pull out my sketch­book and add a lit­tle draw­ing or should I use skitch to cap­ture the image on my lap­top and post it to my thought blog, my art blog. or tumblr.

I find that I have an array of scrap­books, sketch­books, and idea catch­ers. I am con­fused by he pos­si­bil­i­ties and cat­e­go­riza­tion. What hap­pens when I find an image, a phrase? I will cap­ture it’s bits, bytes, and pix­els and toss them into the cloud. It will be filed there like Andy’s card­board box­es of stuff. Will I be able to find it later?

Or will I print it out and tape it into my cur­rent mole­skin diary. Will I scrib­ble on it?

Where will it live?

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modern culture news sources rebound : twitter

Twitter _ Caroline (Vixy)_ earthquake.png

I’ve been a bit obsessed with tech­nol­o­gy and mod­ern cul­ture recent­ly. Maybe immersed in it is more accu­rate. This morn­ing I had my first real paper cup and a string com­mu­ni­ca­tion moment in a tech­no­log­i­cal space. Twit­ter is like a shout down a long hall­way. Today I heard this call from far away. earth­quake. It was like lis­ten­ing in the old CB [cit­i­zen band radio] days and catch­ing some­thing of inter­est in the chat­ter. Find­ing the sig­nal through the noise.

I was watch­ing all the tweets come in. Folks talk­ing about their hous­es shak­ing, call­ing their par­ents, broth­ers, sis­ters. Check­ing in from all geo­graph­ic loca­tions. It’s an immer­sion into the col­lec­tive. It is real­ly an absence of one­ness. There is a feel­ing of being just a small part of the universe.

Then when the chat­ter had moved on to oth­er sub­jects and the most recent rise of chat­ter called a halt to every­thing — the sys­tem had been over­whelmed — I had the chance to stop, step back and look at the beau­ty of this inter­face with those known and unknown. The exten­sion of my social sphere. I could look and see the beau­ty of the mes­sage as designed and dis­played in the flat­ness of my screen. In my social brows­er, Flock.

It’s been an extra­or­di­nary day.

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Home to Roost

Home to Roost

The chick­ens
are cir­cling and
blot­ting out the
day. The sun is
bright, but the
chick­ens are in
the way. Yes,
the sky is dark
with chickens,
dense with them.
They turn and
then they turn
again. These
are the chickens
you let loose
one at a time
and small—
var­i­ous breeds.
Now they have
come home
to roost—all
the same kind
at the same speed.

-kay ryan

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ray and charles eames get stamped

I was won­der­ing around the blog­space I hate the word blog xx sphere just does­n’t sit with me, and found a post about the new postal stamps hon­or­ing the work of Ray and Charles Eames.

It’s a won­der­ful lit­tle col­lec­tion of their work the fur­ni­ture, the tex­tiles. It’s always easy to show the objects and appre­ci­ate them for the expe­ri­ence they bring to our envi­ron­ment. But, we can’t take a pic­ture of the the thought process, the expe­ri­ences, the research, the exper­i­ment­ing that  brings us to these things. We can only enjoy the prod­uct of these process­es and know that the process must have been won­der­ful because the chair we sit in is such a joy to all of our senses.

I want to buy hun­dreds of the stamps and stick them on post­cards and let­ters to every­one I know.

I want to do a spe­cial mail­ing just so I can put these stamps up in the cor­ner of the enve­lope, send­ing beau­ty on a postal adven­ture — past the machine eyes that sort and direct. Maybe I should send one of each stamp to myself too.

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I could live here.

Ok. I just linked to this pho­to from my bud Chris’ blog think:lab. This is my idea of where I could spend lots of time in the dark work­ing on ideas. Don’t need much space just a lit­tle cap­sule. I was think­ing about an Airstream but now with the price of gas my dreams of trav­el­ing with my lit­tle trail­er are dwin­dling. Maybe when they make some cars that get the same mpg as cars in the 80’s did again.

(Sor­ry this isn’t the orig­i­nal pho­to for this post. It makes me sad but the flickr own­er delet­ed their account. I might have a screen grab somewhere.)

This was the one I was think­ing of — the Safari.

They have a bit in common.

Airstream, Inc  heavybubble traveling HQ

I was going to add a pho­to but my beta ver­sions of Flock and Skitch aren’t play­ing well togeth­er right now.

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houston we have a problem.

What is this indent all about? If you scroll down a few posts you’ll see that all of a sud­den my posts become a tinee tiny col­umn wide.

This hap­pens as some wacky result of tech­nocrati tags and the post­ed by Flock tagline.
Usu­al­ly I remove the tags and it works. Not this time.

I unpub­lished the post and the indent still happens.
I removed the flock cred­it line — indent still happens.
I removed the tags — indent still happens.

I cut out all the text.
Put it in a text doc­u­ment and saved it as text; hop­ing to zap any gremlins.
No soap.


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How do I feel today? inquisitive.

Maeda’s SIMPLICITY: Haiku Remixed

Found this at one of John Maeda’s sites. It’s how I feel on most days. How to slow your mind to feel at one with what your body can real­ly do is a con­stant chal­lenge. To embrace rest. Real rest.

This is real­ly how I feel today.

With our two new entre­pre­neur­ial projects going, Art Cen­ter Can­vas and heavy­bub­ble I just want to work on them all the time.

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art center canvas [tm] software module

Work­ing on IA for anoth­er mod­ule for Art Cen­ter Can­vas [tm] a brows­er based soft­ware appli­ca­tion for arts and cul­tur­al insti­tu­tions. The main com­mu­ni­ty mod­el is in beta. We’re just get­ting ready to launch a small site to show what the appli­ca­tion does. The appli­ca­tion uses open­source com­po­nents. It real­ly rocks and we can’t wait to show off what it can do.

Raven CSI and Tom McCobb are devel­op­ing the appli­ca­tion and asked us to come onboard, we’ve said yes. It will be great to pro­duce an appli­ca­tion that will be a prod­uct. It will enable art cen­ters to improve their busi­ness prac­tices and effi­cien­cy. That means more art less management.

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