Hybrid Taxi’s : Why aren’t all cabs hybrids?

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I’m trying to understand this. Cabs drive around in circles all day. Round about here, round about there. Why are they running on gasoline? Why haven’t all cities mandated hybrid or electric cars for this purpose? Or better yet; reconstitute an old way that was pretty darn smart?

It’s all about dollars and cents and making money in a business.

Taxi Drivers Seek Fuel Surcharge
By Sewell Chan
Complaining that soaring gasoline prices have made it barely possible for them to scrape by, about 17 drivers held a rally on Monday afternoon outside the Lower Manhattan headquarters of the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, demanding that the panel impose a fuel surcharge.

Taxi Drivers Seek Fuel Surcharge – City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog

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  • Michael Nolan

    It sure would help the air.

    Hard as it may be to believe, there’s some question as to whether hybrids are more “green” than non-hybrids. Toyota Prius battery packs only last about 100K miles, and then the car is practically useless because replacements are so expensive, so the manufacturing life of it is short. (A Hummer might last twice that long.) And disposal of the old batteries? Don’t even ask. It pisses me off so much when there are no easy answers.

  • Green… green is another story. I was just talking about trying to reduce the current state of emissions and use or petrochemicals.

    Green is walking.
    Move to a city or small town and walk everywhere you go or if you have to a streetcar.

    Personal devices to get you from one place to another all take fuel and some pretty nasty manufacturing. Even bicycles.

    I have watched it become acceptable to talk about unacceptable AIR QUALITY.

    We work toward or own extinction.