compact-fluorescent menace : one big bad idea

Do you use these lightbulbs? Do you like the light they cast? What do you when one breaks? Got any small childeren?

I’ll answer first. No I don’t use them. No I don’t like the light. Don’t have to worry about it. No kids.

Did you know these bulbs contain mercury? You may remember that thermometers with mercury were banned. Ok so it’s only a little bit of mercury, but a little bit is more than enough. Mercury does not go away. Don’t want to eat fish with Mercury do ya? When the bulb breaks the mercury is released into the air… yep.

With congressional mandates we’ll be seeing lots more of them.

I hate these things. Not because of what they look like I think the physical shape is sort of cool. I hate them because people can’t even recycle or dispose of glass bottles or paint cans – just imagine millions of these poison light bulbs.

I’m stocking up on incandescent bulbs.

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