the ocean roars behind the shrine

found in the sand

While on our return trip from glorious days in the mountains we stopped seaside. While wandering up to one of the places where I often set up to do drawings I came upon this shrine. This art installation — this ephemera.

The mysteriousness was only heightened by the roiling ocean and winds that blew my pouring coffee past the open cup.

It was an unpredictable experience.
A joyful occurance.

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Unisys and signs in Philadelphia

Baby David is crying by daveynin.

Unisys is a cry baby.

Why exactly were they coming to Philadelphia, to hang a big sign off a building, or to become part of a vibrant urban area?
If all they needed was a big sign in town they could have bought some advertising space.

Historically companies have had their name on a building because they built the building and were the largest occupant of the space. PSFS, which is kept as part of an historic building, the Pan Am building in nyc… hem hem where is the Chrysler sign on the Chrysler building?

If the sign was a breaker for the deal I think there wouldn’t have been a deal. Are you trying to say that for a measly 225 employees they get a sign more than 600 square feet? Sheesh invest in the city — build your own building and move your whole operation in town and put up your sign.

Philadelphia needs to respect itself and it’s skyline. It’s time for Philadelphia to decide if it will continue to fill its skyline with billboards for business. With ugly buildings, with big box casinos. We already have some of the ugliest lighted signs attached to the facades of some of our uglliest buildings. Ugly + Ugly = super UGLY.

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Foxwoods sets sights on Gallery at Market East

The Gallery at Market East – 51/365+1 – 02/20/08 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Foxwoods sets sights on Gallery at Market East

By Jeff ShieldsInquirer Staff WriterFoxwoods Casino has agreed to work with state and city leaders to move its long-delayed slots parlor planned for the South Philadelphia waterfront to the Gallery at Market East, The Inquirer has learned.

Foxwoods sets sights on Gallery at Market East | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/10/2008

I’m a NO CASINO kind of girl.

I’m totally pissed off about Ed Rendell and his whole push to have casinos as a way to create revenue. Supporting small business and the arts in Philly and Pennsylvania would be better. How many casinos do they have in Manhattan? People go into the casinos and never come back out. They don’t shop, go to restaurants for lunch of dinner. The Casinos get visitors to come in and make sure they stay there. Look at the terrific growth that Atlantic City has had since the casinos.

What is Ed thinking. Please Mayor Nutter kick his butt.

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