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silly pampam is her paintingpam is her paintingpam and her painting

This is Pam Taggart. She is one of the most amazing artists I have ever known. She is a small woman whose ever expanding inner world explodes onto huge canvas after huge canvas.

We have been building mates and artist buddies for what seems like a lifetime. We worked together to create scommunity and professionalism. We ate ice cream cake together and she hid birthday gifts like easter eggs — giving me obscure clues for how to find them.

I will miss passing her studio doors and wondering what fantastic thing was taking place just out of sight.

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planning the move to 900

I’m running around with a tape measure and M is recording the measurements. Moving is an adventure. We have done it many times. I often feel like we are pulling the tent stakes up, rolling up the rugs and loading up the camels — heading to some new place for the season.

This move is more like a distant move. For the first time since I moved to Philadelphia we will be moving away from the great green Northwest of the city. We will be moving into a more urban atmosphere. Walking to work and the grocery store, and everywhere.

I’m looking forward to documenting this change.Back to packing.

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Colon Powell endorses Obama, shit.

Great. Just thrilling. The guy who went to the UN and spun a tale to justify our war in Iraq, a mouthpiece for George W. Bush, has endorsed Obama. That makes me feel better. I think Powell has excellent judgment. {sarcasm}

Then, Obama responds: Obama said that if he wins the White House, Powell will have an advisory role. “Whether he wants to take a formal role, whether that’s a good fit for him, is something we’d have to discuss,” Obama said on NBC’s “Today” show Monday.

Do I want the guy who swallowed everything the Bush administration gave him and spit it back out to the public, a public that trusted him more than the president of the united states, in any advisory role?

Not on your life.

Powell at the UN. [photos]
Powell’s speech [transcript]

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IGNITE PHILLY, Chris Lehmann can ignite a whole lot more.

OK Then. This is Chris Lehmann he is the principal of Science Leadership Academy a PUBLIC school in Philadelphia. He is a friend and an inspiration. At IgnitePhilly you have 5 minutes and 20 slides to tell your story. Chris talks so fast he only needed 4. Watch this video he says it best.

This is the same way we think at Stellarvisions our work is life long kindergarten. Discovery through play that answers the problems we want to solve.

Don’t you wish every school had Chris at the helm? It could if we take his lead and change our system.
Why isn’t every school an MIT media lab?

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