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This is Pam Tag­gart. She is one of the most amaz­ing artists I have ever known. She is a small woman whose ever expand­ing inner world explodes onto huge can­vas after huge canvas.

We have been build­ing mates and artist bud­dies for what seems like a life­time. We worked togeth­er to cre­ate scom­mu­ni­ty and pro­fes­sion­al­ism. We ate ice cream cake togeth­er and she hid birth­day gifts like east­er eggs — giv­ing me obscure clues for how to find them.

I will miss pass­ing her stu­dio doors and won­der­ing what fan­tas­tic thing was tak­ing place just out of sight.

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planning the move to 900

I’m run­ning around with a tape mea­sure and M is record­ing the mea­sure­ments. Mov­ing is an adven­ture. We have done it many times. I often feel like we are pulling the tent stakes up, rolling up the rugs and load­ing up the camels — head­ing to some new place for the season.

This move is more like a dis­tant move. For the first time since I moved to Philadel­phia we will be mov­ing away from the great green North­west of the city. We will be mov­ing into a more urban atmos­phere. Walk­ing to work and the gro­cery store, and everywhere.

I’m look­ing for­ward to doc­u­ment­ing this change.Back to packing.

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Colon Powell endorses Obama, shit.

Great. Just thrilling. The guy who went to the UN and spun a tale to jus­ti­fy our war in Iraq, a mouth­piece for George W. Bush, has endorsed Oba­ma. That makes me feel bet­ter. I think Pow­ell has excel­lent judg­ment. {sar­casm}

Then, Oba­ma responds: Oba­ma said that if he wins the White House, Pow­ell will have an advi­so­ry role. “Whether he wants to take a for­mal role, whether that’s a good fit for him, is some­thing we’d have to dis­cuss,” Oba­ma said on NBC’s “Today” show Monday.

Do I want the guy who swal­lowed every­thing the Bush admin­is­tra­tion gave him and spit it back out to the pub­lic, a pub­lic that trust­ed him more than the pres­i­dent of the unit­ed states, in any advi­so­ry role?

Not on your life.

Pow­ell at the UN. [pho­tos]
Pow­ell’s speech [tran­script]

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IGNITE PHILLY, Chris Lehmann can ignite a whole lot more.

OK Then. This is Chris Lehmann he is the prin­ci­pal of Sci­ence Lead­er­ship Acad­e­my a PUBLIC school in Philadel­phia. He is a friend and an inspi­ra­tion. At IgnitePhilly you have 5 min­utes and 20 slides to tell your sto­ry. Chris talks so fast he only need­ed 4. Watch this video he says it best.

This is the same way we think at Stel­larvi­sions our work is life long kinder­garten. Dis­cov­ery through play that answers the prob­lems we want to solve.

Don’t you wish every school had Chris at the helm? It could if we take his lead and change our system.
Why isn’t every school an MIT media lab?

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