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silly pampam is her paintingpam is her paintingpam and her painting

This is Pam Taggart. She is one of the most amazing artists I have ever known. She is a small woman whose ever expanding inner world explodes onto huge canvas after huge canvas.

We have been building mates and artist buddies for what seems like a lifetime. We worked together to create scommunity and professionalism. We ate ice cream cake together and she hid birthday gifts like easter eggs — giving me obscure clues for how to find them.

I will miss passing her studio doors and wondering what fantastic thing was taking place just out of sight.

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planning the move to 900

I’m running around with a tape measure and M is recording the measurements. Moving is an adventure. We have done it many times. I often feel like we are pulling the tent stakes up, rolling up the rugs and loading up the camels — heading to some new place for the season.

This move is more like a distant move. For the first time since I moved to Philadelphia we will be moving away from the great green Northwest of the city. We will be moving into a more urban atmosphere. Walking to work and the grocery store, and everywhere.

I’m looking forward to documenting this change.Back to packing.

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