EVDO and me

This is the story of trying to get high speed internet access where i live in philadelphia.

Let’s start with Verizon.
Call them up. Give them the address. Can’t find the address in their database. Hmmm. We’d like to see if we can get FIOS. Waiting on hold. Time passes. The rep can’t find our address. Three people have lived there before us. Still can’t find our address.

Ok so no Verizon. If they don’t even know our address that spells bad news for the whole process.

Try Comcast. (I can’t stand Comcast. I don’t like their identity, I don’t like their new building, I don’t like that they got a huge tax break to build it. I don’t like their culture.) But, I need high speed internet service. No television, just internet.

Ok, they know our address. They’ll have someone out to install tomorrow at 11 am. They’ll bill us. Excellent.

We’re moving and our internet service will be up and running before we move in. This is terrific. While unpacking we can work from home. Cross that off the list.

Ok, I’m packing and my partner is at the new location to talk to the painters and wait for the Comcast guy/woman. Believe it or not the guy shows up on time. Ok, lets hook ya up he says.

Bad news.

Cable isn’t run to our new abode. It’s out on the pole but they can’t run it from the pole. New construction has to run it underground and it’s in our courtyard somewhere. History is that Comcast have been out five other times to try to hook up cable. Somehow our cable has been paved over. We could pay to dig and find it. I don’t think so. We rent.

Now what to do? How can this be. This is America we have telecom competition that’s better for customers. We get choice.

I won’t rant on how I think telecom is a public utility. But what am I to think when no one really wants to make an effort to give me service?

I call CTO Phil. Mr. IvesDigital.
He says EVDO.

Hmmm, this is a very interesting alternative. This means I can take my network connect to places that don’t have free wireless internet. This is a REALLY GOOD idea.

Now I can stop freaking out.

Margaret goes to the Verizon store. She gets an EVDO card, she buys a plan and she heads to the office. We install the software and plug in the card. We put in the password.

We’re on the net!

Sharing my airport network.

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  • Michael

    Jeffrey Zeldman complains about the same kind of problems in NYC. What’s with your tech companies on the East Coast? I have excellent connectivity here in the middle of effing-nowhere from a company whose HQ is in Kentucky. Go figure.

  • Ok, I let the guys at EVDOinfo post to my blog because I actually BOUGHT the router they suggested from THEM.

    I am very happy and was about to write a post about that experience next.

  • Michael — I don’t know what is with the East Coast. I just know the whole experience sucked.

    Maybe we should just move out into the desert and use our wifi.