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Many Eyes

Got a tweet from Carl Mala­mud today that led me to this arti­cle about Mar­tin Wat­ten­berg. It’s always great to read about a whole yarn­ball of my inter­ests at one time. Cul­ture, infor­ma­tion, visu­al­iza­tion, and the mean­ing we can bring to data by cre­at­ing con­text. See an ongo­ing project at the TATE in the UK. ( MW2MW is a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Marek Wal­czak and Mar­tin Wat­ten­berg. Start­ed in 1997, both artists work inde­pen­dent­ly but come togeth­er on long term projects such as Apart­ment, Won­der­walk­er, Think­ing Machine and Noplace.)

These exper­i­ments and jour­neys open up new ways to look at what we see each day in a new light.

The aes­thet­ic is a bit clum­sy for my lik­ing still the work at the con­cep­tu­al lev­el is very intrigu­ing and the visu­al­iza­tions shed light on the snap­shots he takes.

Take some time to enjoy these works. Inter­est­ed in your thoughts.

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feeling at home : the beauty of everyday things

If you move every few years you find that there are a few things that real­ly make you feel like you are home. The unpacked box­es can be block­ing a door­way or stacked by the wall so you can get to the bath­room. But there are a few things that make you feel com­fort­able. Things that say, this is home. For me the first thing is the books. Mar­garet and I have so many books that if we don’t get the shelves up and the books unpacked we won’t have a liv­ing room. When that’s done usu­al­ly in the first three days; a whole new sense of home has been established.

The sec­ond thing is the OXO uten­sil rack. I know that may seem sil­ly. But if I know where it hangs it means that I under­stand how the kitchen will be sit­u­at­ed. It is the first piece in the orga­ni­za­tion­al puz­zle that allows me to fill the cab­i­nets with food and dish­es. It estab­lish­es where the cook­ing oils and spices will reside, where the cut­ting boards will be stacked.

There is an amaz­ing sense of order and beau­ty in every­day things.

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holiday travel

An old card in a new place.

My sis­ter always sends us ter­rif­ic cut­tout or pop­up cards. You can’t get rid of them they become a dec­o­ra­tion for the next year. Actu­al­ly until the paper just gives up. This is a favorite because it can sit in some unex­pect­ed place. It has a small foot­print with very pleas­ant geometry.

I enjoy watch­ing San­ta near the rooftops while I make my morn­ing cof­fee and look for the snowflakes that sig­nal that it real­ly is winter.

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freezing memes

Last week, yes last week – I had a web­site launch so I’m a bit behind, Maryanne Devine tweet­ed that she had tagged me. We fol­low each oth­er on twit­ter. This is her orig­i­nal post for ref­er­ence, meme for fri­day. We met at an arts advo­ca­cy meet­ing at the Philadel­phia Cul­tur­al Alliance. She has the same inter­ests in mar­ket­ing and using social media to draw a wider cir­cle around the arts.

I’m the kind of per­son that usu­al­ly tags back and light­ning speed but alas I admit that this month has been a bit crazy and I am on over­drive but it has­n’t seemed to help me catch up. So final­ly I am responding.

Just a lit­tle info about meme here.

 The rules:
1. Link to your tag­ger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about your­self on your blog — some ran­dom, some weird
3. Tag 7 peo­ple at the end of your post by leav­ing their names as well as links to their blog (or    twit­ter page)
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leav­ing a com­ment on their blog. (or twit­ter account)
5. If you don’t have 7 blog friends, or if some­one else already took dibs, then tag some unsus­pect­ing strangers

Fact #1
My part­ner and I have a new com­pa­ny called Heavy Bub­ble. We had been asked by so many artist friends to design a web­site for them that we just could­n’t take it any­more. It was­n’t appro­pri­ate for our firm Stel­larvi­sions to do this work but we could design a sys­tem and pre­sen­ta­tions for {DIY} do-it-your­self sites. We cre­at­ed a new com­pa­ny and have done just that. We are real­ly thrilled to have start­ed a new ven­ture that allows us to meet new artists and cre­ate ways to give good work the expo­sure it deserves.

So, here’s a pitch.

give a bubble GIFT

Ring in the new year with Heavy Bub­ble! Give an artist you care about more time for mak­ing art. 

With a heavy­bub­ble web­site their work will be easy to find and easy to man­age, and best yet in their con­trol. Pur­chase a gift cer­tifi­cate and we will send a spe­cial card and a heavy­bub­ble blue I make art. but­ton by US Postal service.

Take a peek at our good­look­ing sites here.

We’ve got sev­er­al shapes and sizes to choose from give ONE YEAR of heavy­bub­ble, give SIX MONTHS of heavy­bub­ble, give THREE MONTHS of heavybubble.

one year ($200.)


six months ($100.)


three months ($ 60.)


Heavy Bub­ble will make them happy.

Fact #2

I’m an artist.

This is one of my show postcards.

quattro amici + me

I’m work­ing on get­ting my heavy­bub­ble site up over the holidays.

You can find my work at and read my stu­dio jour­nal at

Fact #3

I love letterpress. 

I’m work­ing on a series of prints and note­card designs that will be from orig­i­nal draw­ings. My friend Peter Fra­ter­deus who I met on the net back in it’s begin­nings, has a won­der­ful let­ter­press shop in Dubuque, Iowa in the ware­house dis­trict. Exquis­ite Let­ter­press has a ter­rif­ic thing called almost free check it out. He just fin­ished a ter­rif­ic set of note cards for Igor Kopel­nit­sky.

Fact #4

I cur­rent­ly have four blogs and I don’t expect to stop there.

unpre­dictablethoughts : the inter­sec­tion of work and play

stel­la gas­saway : works on paper, a stu­dio artlog

*IDEAo­r­ange : seg­ments of col­or­ful thinking

!infobub­ble : the blog for heavy­bub­ble web­sites for artists

Fact #5

Break­fast is my favorite meal. I can eat break­fast three times a day.
This is a homage to break­fast. Sim­ply Breakfast

Fact #6

I love movies but I hate going to movie theaters.

Fact #7

I’m try­ing to write a new book but I just can’t get in the right frame of mind.


jacob albablank

Rebec­ca Malamud

steve mul­der

chris lehmann

matthew naftzger

kate kaman

phil ives

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A new gift item, Timbuk2 Bags — Hacker Daypack

Timbuk2 Bags — Hack­er Day­pack — Hemp/PET Fabric

Ok, I just had to post this onto my wish list. I need a pack that serves all my needs now that I’m walk­ing to work. The oth­er bags that I have serv­er spe­cif­ic needs. I need a new architecture.

I’m look­ing for a bag that starts off light when it’s emp­ty. I’m not sure if this fits the bill. Why don’t sites tell you how much the bags weighs empty?

Any­one have any sug­ges­tions for a slim back­pack with plen­ty of pen stor­age space too? I car­ry lots of writ­ing imple­ments with me all the time.

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Mini E an electric car for me

Mini E con­cept — LA Auto Show — Com­ing Soon, Mini’s Elec­tric Kool Aid Test — List —

A rea­son not to bail out com­pa­nies like GM.

My favorite quote from the NYTimes piece:

While Gen­er­al Motors has been plod­ding along and burn­ing through the dol­lars devel­op­ing its Chevro­let Volt “extend­ed-range” elec­tric vehi­cle (now due in late 2010), Mini, with help from its par­ent, BMW, took a mere 10 months to devel­op the Mini E.

Why does our auto indus­try find it so hard to respond to the needs of its poten­tial cus­tomers? Not only has Mini respond­ed they have done it quickly.

The bat­tery takes up a lit­tle too much space but mini will work it out. I want one.

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Cookie Recipes from smitten kitchen YUMMY

Cook­ie Recipes | smit­ten kitchen

This site is so tasty you don’t even have to bake. Just look at these cook­ies. You can imag­ine munch­ing each and every one. Even the green tea cook­ies which look a lit­tle bit like a sci­ence experiment.

I’m plan­ning on the ice box cook­ies. I love one basic dough that you add dif­fer­ent in nuts or berries and such to make won­drous lit­tle nib­bles. Cold weath­er is such an excuse to bake. Turn the oven on and bake for hours with my iPod play­ing my favorites and a pot of fresh brewed coffee.

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officially cold in philadelphia


It is offi­cial­ly cold in my book today. We’ve gone below the tem­per­a­ture at which I switch from shorts to long pants.

I had­n’t post­ed a weath­er wid­get in awhile so the time seemed right. For those of you that don’t under­stand the idea of ther­mal under­wear — come to Philly today for a visit.

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