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Many Eyes

Got a tweet from Carl Malamud today that led me to this article about Martin Wattenberg. It’s always great to read about a whole yarnball of my interests at one time. Culture, information, visualization, and the meaning we can bring to data by creating context. See an ongoing project at the TATE in the UK. ( MW2MW is a collaboration between Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg. Started in 1997, both artists work independently but come together on long term projects such as Apartment, Wonderwalker, Thinking Machine and Noplace.)

These experiments and journeys open up new ways to look at what we see each day in a new light.

The aesthetic is a bit clumsy for my liking still the work at the conceptual level is very intriguing and the visualizations shed light on the snapshots he takes.

Take some time to enjoy these works. Interested in your thoughts.

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feeling at home : the beauty of everyday things

If you move every few years you find that there are a few things that really make you feel like you are home. The unpacked boxes can be blocking a doorway or stacked by the wall so you can get to the bathroom. But there are a few things that make you feel comfortable. Things that say, this is home. For me the first thing is the books. Margaret and I have so many books that if we don’t get the shelves up and the books unpacked we won’t have a living room. When that’s done usually in the first three days; a whole new sense of home has been established.

The second thing is the OXO utensil rack. I know that may seem silly. But if I know where it hangs it means that I understand how the kitchen will be situated. It is the first piece in the organizational puzzle that allows me to fill the cabinets with food and dishes. It establishes where the cooking oils and spices will reside, where the cutting boards will be stacked.

There is an amazing sense of order and beauty in everyday things.

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holiday travel

An old card in a new place.

My sister always sends us terrific cuttout or popup cards. You can’t get rid of them they become a decoration for the next year. Actually until the paper just gives up. This is a favorite because it can sit in some unexpected place. It has a small footprint with very pleasant geometry.

I enjoy watching Santa near the rooftops while I make my morning coffee and look for the snowflakes that signal that it really is winter.

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freezing memes

Last week, yes last week – I had a website launch so I’m a bit behind, Maryanne Devine tweeted that she had tagged me. We follow each other on twitter. This is her original post for reference, meme for friday. We met at an arts advocacy meeting at the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. She has the same interests in marketing and using social media to draw a wider circle around the arts.

I’m the kind of person that usually tags back and lightning speed but alas I admit that this month has been a bit crazy and I am on overdrive but it hasn’t seemed to help me catch up. So finally I am responding.

Just a little info about meme here.

 The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog (or    twitter page)
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. (or twitter account)
5. If you don’t have 7 blog friends, or if someone else already took dibs, then tag some unsuspecting strangers

Fact #1
My partner and I have a new company called Heavy Bubble. We had been asked by so many artist friends to design a website for them that we just couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t appropriate for our firm Stellarvisions to do this work but we could design a system and presentations for {DIY} do-it-yourself sites. We created a new company and have done just that. We are really thrilled to have started a new venture that allows us to meet new artists and create ways to give good work the exposure it deserves.

So, here’s a pitch.

give a bubble GIFT

Ring in the new year with Heavy Bubble! Give an artist you care about more time for making art.

With a heavybubble website their work will be easy to find and easy to manage, and best yet in their control. Purchase a gift certificate and we will send a special card and a heavybubble blue I make art. button by US Postal service.

Take a peek at our goodlooking sites here.

We’ve got several shapes and sizes to choose from give ONE YEAR of heavybubble, give SIX MONTHS of heavybubble, give THREE MONTHS of heavybubble.

one year ($200.)


six months ($100.)


three months ($ 60.)


Heavy Bubble will make them happy.

Fact #2

I’m an artist.

This is one of my show postcards.

quattro amici + me

I’m working on getting my heavybubble site up over the holidays.

You can find my work at and read my studio journal at

Fact #3

I love letterpress.

I’m working on a series of prints and notecard designs that will be from original drawings. My friend Peter Fraterdeus who I met on the net back in it’s beginnings, has a wonderful letterpress shop in Dubuque, Iowa in the warehouse district. Exquisite Letterpress has a terrific thing called almost free check it out. He just finished a terrific set of note cards for Igor Kopelnitsky.

Fact #4

I currently have four blogs and I don’t expect to stop there.

unpredictablethoughts : the intersection of work and play

stella gassaway : works on paper, a studio artlog

*IDEAorange : segments of colorful thinking

!infobubble : the blog for heavybubble websites for artists

Fact #5

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I can eat breakfast three times a day.
This is a homage to breakfast. Simply Breakfast

Fact #6

I love movies but I hate going to movie theaters.

Fact #7

I’m trying to write a new book but I just can’t get in the right frame of mind.


jacob albablank

Rebecca Malamud

steve mulder

chris lehmann

matthew naftzger

kate kaman

phil ives

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A new gift item, Timbuk2 Bags – Hacker Daypack

Timbuk2 Bags – Hacker Daypack – Hemp/PET Fabric

Ok, I just had to post this onto my wish list. I need a pack that serves all my needs now that I’m walking to work. The other bags that I have server specific needs. I need a new architecture.

I’m looking for a bag that starts off light when it’s empty. I’m not sure if this fits the bill. Why don’t sites tell you how much the bags weighs empty?

Anyone have any suggestions for a slim backpack with plenty of pen storage space too? I carry lots of writing implements with me all the time.

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Mini E an electric car for me

Mini E concept – LA Auto Show – Coming Soon, Mini’s Electric Kool Aid Test – List –

A reason not to bail out companies like GM.

My favorite quote from the NYTimes piece:

While General Motors has been plodding along and burning through the dollars developing its Chevrolet Volt “extended-range” electric vehicle (now due in late 2010), Mini, with help from its parent, BMW, took a mere 10 months to develop the Mini E.

Why does our auto industry find it so hard to respond to the needs of its potential customers? Not only has Mini responded they have done it quickly.

The battery takes up a little too much space but mini will work it out. I want one.

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Cookie Recipes from smitten kitchen YUMMY

Cookie Recipes | smitten kitchen

This site is so tasty you don’t even have to bake. Just look at these cookies. You can imagine munching each and every one. Even the green tea cookies which look a little bit like a science experiment.

I’m planning on the ice box cookies. I love one basic dough that you add different in nuts or berries and such to make wondrous little nibbles. Cold weather is such an excuse to bake. Turn the oven on and bake for hours with my iPod playing my favorites and a pot of fresh brewed coffee.

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