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Got a tweet from Carl Malamud today that led me to this article about Martin Wattenberg. It’s always great to read about a whole yarnball of my interests at one time. Culture, information, visualization, and the meaning we can bring to data by creating context. See an ongoing project at the TATE in the UK. ( MW2MW is a collaboration between Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg. Started in 1997, both artists work independently but come together on long term projects such as Apartment, Wonderwalker, Thinking Machine and Noplace.)

These experiments and journeys open up new ways to look at what we see each day in a new light.

The aesthetic is a bit clumsy for my liking still the work at the conceptual level is very intriguing and the visualizations shed light on the snapshots he takes.

Take some time to enjoy these works. Interested in your thoughts.

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