do you still buy a calendar

This is my all time favorite. Don’t really see any reason for any other kind. Massimo Vignelli . A true expression of less is more. I use the past months for wrapping paper, book covers, and drawing paper.

36 x 48 inches!
Buy one and you’ll be addicted.

The Stendig wall calendar consists of twelve sheets printed in black ink on white sixty pound weight offset paper stock. In random order, the calendar sheets for some months are reverse printed producing a black background with white letters and numerals with other months printed in black on white background. The sheets are perforated along a line just
under the binding strip to allow them to be torn away neatly. The binding strip of the calendar has three matte
black finish metal eyelets to facilitate easy hanging.

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new wordpress themes give me the blues

I’ve been looking at some cool new themes for WordPress that use Sandbox. It’s a great environment to get in and use css to control the look and feel.

Problem is that most of the really cool skins that create thumbnails and size images can’t cope with photos from flickr. I almost never upload images twice. I refer to their location usually at flickr. These cool magazine and creative layout require that I upload the image I want to use. This means that blogging about an image located elsewhere requires a download and then an upload. I want to be able to linkback to the original instance for several reasons including giving proper credit for the image.

I don’t want to ask someone to write a plug-in or sript for this. Anyone have any ideas?

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Playing with Skitch is fun!

Hey… this is fun! This is my first attempt at using Skitch. I found out about it from a Flickr friend Colin Devroe. Go over and sign up for the public beta.

I use SnapZPro for my screen captures and now I have Skitch. I’m using Skitch for fun right now but I imagine many other practical uses. But heck, let’s just stick with fun first.

More on this cool app as I experiment.

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blue spruce 900

I had to take a shot of our first holiday tree at our new place. We weren’t sure we would have one for many reasons. But we do have an amazing little tree. It’s a little bit taller than 7 feet. The star makes it almost 8 feet. It only took about 150 lights this time.
This shot shows several of my favorites including the tin toy zepplin, glass bird, paper stars, miniature hats, and hand painted antique balls.

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a circle and some lines

I thought it was about time to visit my flickr friend Jacob and look at some photos. They inspire me in the quietest kind of way. It is difficult to explain. I just needed to look into his studio and reflect upon what it takes to make art. The meditation – the journey.

The photographs don’t require commentary.

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