Finally, my heavybubble site has launched.

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I know that you prob­a­bly don’t believe it but my heavy­bub­ble web­site is final­ly launched. I just could­n’t stand it any­more when peo­ple asked me about my site. It was no longer amusing.

The site is actu­al­ly very small right now. I need to get some work pho­tographed. More will come.

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courtyard : Una instalación con la nieve !!

courtyard : Una instalación con la nieve !!

This is a pho­to of the first big snow this year. It was also the first snow at our new res­i­dence. This is the view from our bal­cony as neigh­bor­hood fel­lows tried to clear the pavers for cars to make it out. That’s our VW Jet­ta under about 10 inch­es of snow.

I found the geom­e­try amusing.

My friend jacob albablank com­ment­ed on Flickr That it was a snow installation.

I need to have a cou­ple friends at the ready next time to make a piece. A draw­ing with the snow — an installation.

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facebook quandry : you are not my friend

I’ve been inves­ti­gat­ing my rela­tion­ships that inter­sect on face­book. The who and how you want to be con­nect­ed to peo­ple. I have many friends that are my friends; fam­i­ly, asso­ciates, tan­gen­tial rela­tion­ships and peo­ple that want to be friend­ed.

Its not that I don’t want to be con­nect­ed; its how I want to be connected.
How do I cre­ate con­ver­sa­tions with­out cre­at­ing a door to my inner space. The democ­ra­cy of tech­nolo­gies allow us to be con­nect­ed, maybe too con­nect­ed all the time.

There is some­thing very odd going on with this post.

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