printmaking trip to Exquisite Letterpress

Ok. Soon I will go crazy if I don’t take a trip to friend Peter Fra­ter­deus’ printshop. Been talk­ing about mak­ing let­ter­press prints of Egypt­ian Waters for months now. Time to stop talk­ing and head out there on a ROAD TRIP. Will be tak­ing sheets of Rives BFK but will look at print­ing on some hand­craft­ed sheets too.

About Exquis­ite Letterpress :

Exquis­ite Let­ter­press has print­ing facil­i­ties at Dubuque Let­ter­press in the old Ware­house Dis­trict in Dubuque, Iowa, and design stu­dios in Gale­na, Illinois.

Founder, type direc­tor and print­er Peter Fra­ter­deus has been work­ing with let­ter­press since 7th grade at Nichols Junior High School in Evanston Illi­nois. “Print Shop” teacher Mr. Hueb­n­er would sure­ly nev­er have imag­ined that forty years lat­er, Peter would be ink­ing up these old Chan­dler and Price plat­en press­es to pro­duce not just “busi­ness cards” but exquis­ite typography. 

Maybe we’ll make some lim­it­ed edi­tion note cards.

This is a shot of some work Peter did that intrigues me. It has some large areas of col­or that are exciting.


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