kukuli velarde: the path of a painter

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The artist and one of her paintings.

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The artist as one of her pieces

I actu­al­ly post­ed this video at our heavy­bub­ble blog because it struck me so. Lis­ten­ing to Kukuli Velarde talk about her­self and her path as a painter, then ceram­ic artist, and now painter again was quite a jour­ney. Lots of artists have this kind of jour­ney. Often as artists we expe­ri­ence these things and nev­er talk to any­one about our jour­ney in this way. Being behind the lens of a video cam­era with an inter­view­er who makes one com­fort­able enough to talk about the work in an open way.

Kukuli Velarde makes amaz­ing work and she works through her feel­ings over time mak­ing pieces that express each and every sec­ond of inter­nal process. In that process she con­fronts the issues that ener­gize her work and bring us face to face with her inter­nal questioning.

The work is pow­er­ful and frank. It uses many vocab­u­lar­ies to cap­ture our atten­tion. With all the inten­si­ty there is still a beau­ty and joy that allows you to embrace the art and want to keep it near you.

Use the link below to watch the video. I’ve also includ­ed her website.

kukuli velarde: the path of a painter 

kukuli velarde [web]

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