kukuli velarde: the path of a painter

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The artist and one of her paintings.

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The artist as one of her pieces

I actually posted this video at our heavybubble blog because it struck me so. Listening to Kukuli Velarde talk about herself and her path as a painter, then ceramic artist, and now painter again was quite a journey. Lots of artists have this kind of journey. Often as artists we experience these things and never talk to anyone about our journey in this way. Being behind the lens of a video camera with an interviewer who makes one comfortable enough to talk about the work in an open way.

Kukuli Velarde makes amazing work and she works through her feelings over time making pieces that express each and every second of internal process. In that process she confronts the issues that energize her work and bring us face to face with her internal questioning.

The work is powerful and frank. It uses many vocabularies to capture our attention. With all the intensity there is still a beauty and joy that allows you to embrace the art and want to keep it near you.

Use the link below to watch the video. I’ve also included her website.

kukuli velarde: the path of a painter

kukuli velarde [web]

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