Life metaphor through artifacts. History, memory, family.

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On Sunday March 29th I saw this tweet:

blipped the mail box. » link to Blipfoto

Life metaphor through artifacts.

The memories and voices of more than thirty seven years have arrived, been placed, and temporarily captured in this well shaped box. Words have been spoken by and to the inhabitants after being deposited and then removed from this container.  The metaphor of give and take expressed in this artifact — history, memory, family.

I followed the link and found the image and this short story.

This is the mailbox that was on the house when I was two in 1974; the year my family moved in. It has been painted many different colors and later it was replaced with a more efficient model. I moved back into the house six years ago, when my parents moved away. I found the old mail box in the basement and promptly put it back up.

I am now thirty seven and this is my mailbox…

The beauty of this object and its stories made their way to me — from the current holder of the vessel who is destined to remember each time a new voice finds itself inside this container.

How sublime. A new drawing comes to mind.

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