Life metaphor through artifacts. History, memory, family.

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On Sun­day March 29th I saw this tweet:

blipped the mail box. » link to Blipfoto 

Life metaphor through artifacts.

The mem­o­ries and voic­es of more than thir­ty sev­en years have arrived, been placed, and tem­porar­i­ly cap­tured in this well shaped box. Words have been spo­ken by and to the inhab­i­tants after being deposit­ed and then removed from this con­tain­er.  The metaphor of give and take expressed in this arti­fact — his­to­ry, mem­o­ry, family.

I fol­lowed the link and found the image and this short story.

This is the mail­box that was on the house when I was two in 1974; the year my fam­i­ly moved in. It has been paint­ed many dif­fer­ent col­ors and lat­er it was replaced with a more effi­cient mod­el. I moved back into the house six years ago, when my par­ents moved away. I found the old mail box in the base­ment and prompt­ly put it back up.

I am now thir­ty sev­en and this is my mailbox…

The beau­ty of this object and its sto­ries made their way to me — from the cur­rent hold­er of the ves­sel who is des­tined to remem­ber each time a new voice finds itself inside this container.

How sub­lime. A new draw­ing comes to mind.

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