Haven’t you always wanted to walk on water?

Haven’t you always wanted to walk on water?

I have admired Maya Lin’s work for two decades. The thoughtfulness, the scale, and the amazing balance of the discipline of architecture and the emotional vocabulary are controlled yet create both visceral reactions that then trigger intellectual responses.
Her investigation of water/waves and their distinct states have created internal conversations that have manifest themselves in my hieroglyphics that have come after Egyptian Waters.

I dream of walking on the waters, floating in the space between the waves.

Now I will make the equivalent of a pilgrimage to the Wave Field at Storm King. I will walk on the waves, I will lie and stand between the waves unable to see beyond the lead wave or the following one. I will photograph my point of view. I will capture video of the changing light. I will stand on the waters suspended in time.

THE SPACE : Storm King

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Hulu for the iPhone

Hulu -coming for the iPhone

Rumor has it an app is coming to the iPhone that Hulu junkies will be thrilled about. I watch a little hulu here and there. I’m usually unimpressed. I don’t watch tv and don’t really appreciate the story format. But, hulu has a terrific interaction model and with limited titles to view; the selection interface remains simple.

I watch much more video than I thought I would on the iPhone. I’m always checking out what’s on YouTube and it’s great to have a video format that isn’t an immersion at times. Can’t wait to test the iPhone and hulu. Let’s see if the app can be as approachable as hulu in the browser.

The iPhone platform continues to grow with each new distribution method that develops.

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Democratic Camera a retrospective.

William Eggleston : Democratic Camera
Photographs and Video
1961 – 2008

I missed this retrospective. I miss lots of exhibitions actually. I think that is partly about being focused on making time to make my art. Not an excuse. Just a thought. I was pointed to an online post by @barbaralevine.

It contained this first video from the son’s point of view. A moving recollection of how making art is such an everyday experience and how his exposure to the making of art, the experience of a lifelong ritual of making pictures, created a dialogue that fills the pictures with approachable words. The second video is a conversation with the artist.

Thank you to Barabara for her tweet and thank you to the Whitney for such a thoughtful presentation on the web. Visit the mini site, although these are very thoughtful conversations there is something about looking at the pictures still and silent.

“He didn’t mean for any of his pictures to make any kind of statement. They just are what they are and how he’d like them to look I guess.”

Winston Eggleston

“I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around: that nothing was more important or less important.”

William Eggleston

The retrospect mini website:

Blog site from the tweet:

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Exquisite letterpress, Igor Kopelnitsky and ME.

Card Shop | Sparked.png

I knew it, someone would notice this amazing project by Exquisite Letterpress, the shop of my longtime co-conspirator Peter Fraterdeus. Peter and I have known each other since the beginning of time. From his Micetype newsletters in the early days of laser printing Postscript™ technologies, first third party type house to create multiple master fonts, the first online community for designers designonline, first AIGA community online, and his Alphabets foundry — we have experimented with offline and online technologies together.

Ya need to go over and BUY a pack of these cards or better yet print a set of your own design. These are luscious. Amazing amounts of ink coverage on cotton paper. Pleeze! Show some love for letterpress.

from Crane Paper’s blog :
Geoffry said the art card series offers eight humorous original designs printed by Peter Fraderdeus of Exquisite Letterpress on Crane’s Lettra paper. “Each design is a unique and amusing commentary on issues ranging from energy independence to the evolution debate,” said Geoffry. Themes and titles include Play Date with the Devil, Bright Idea, Heavy Thoughts, Don’t be Shy, Balancing Act, Peace Out, Drill Baby Drill, and So Evolved.

Big kudos to Peter! Now he can get ready for our Spring Fling an all-out sprint to print a set of my ink drawings, egyptian waters as a fullsize limited edition and a set of blank notecards. I think he can handle it.

We’re planning an open house event around the printing of these drawings. Details to come.

Please note trademarks on Micetype, Postscript, designonline, Alphabets and any others we may have forgotten to mention.

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A grocery list forever: The beauty of everyday things.

On Thursday April 2nd I saw this tweet:

The Grocery List Collection http://www.grocerylists.org/lists/100/

Instantly I thought of the grocery list I had used for years. It was in a sketchbook that I had ultimately filled. (I don’t fill them all.) I then tore the list gently from the book and used a paperclip to keep it attached to the next book. I did this repeated times. I try to recall which book it may be clipped to now. I haven’t seen it since the last move; that was when I moved my art studio out of the living space.

I was hoping to scan or photograph the list for this post. I thought I could put my hands on it easily. Then I hesitated.

I don’t know where the list is.

I’m trying to recall what it looked like now, comparing it to the images I saw at the link above. But my list wasn’t like these lists at all. My printing is disciplined from many years of design and drafting. I write straight and even on unlined paper. I use a fountain pen which leaves the telltale puddles based upon the speed in which one writes the stroke. It was on a piece of paper which barely showed the wear.

The organization of the items had been typical for me. Dairy together, fruits, vegetables, fish, yummy spices, cheeses, bread. It was ordered by my serpentine route through the isles. Items grouped geographically, creating their own special cartographic experience.

I can see the map in my minds eye now. The small dots next to the objects the corresponded to the items in the cart.

tweet from
web: http://www.projectb.com
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/barbaralevine

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