Iran : Post-Election Uprising

Irans Post-Election Uprising

Iran is ready for change. The Green Tsunami continues today despite the crackdown on protesters. There is a true revolution going on in Iran and we need to keep the story alive. If you tweet look for #iranelection and stay informed and spread the news. The movement continues from within and outside government even though the media sees it as less of a story.

The result of this movement can bring a change that will have impact on the entire Middle East and world policy. Iranians are forcing change. Let’ hope they will create an new environment that will push the restrictive regime from power.

Here’s a quote from the intro to the graphic novel. You can read it online or download it. Most importantly share it with your friends.

“The campaign of former Prime Minister Mir Hussein Moussavi galvanized voters hoping for change, especially among the youth – two thirds of Iran’s population is younger than 32. On June 12th 85% of eligible voters cast their ballots and what happened next changed Iran forever…”


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