iPhone app planning : wish list


Ok, I don’t have an iPhone yet. Basically because I wasn’t willing to be an early adopter this time. Now I’m more interested. Video capabilities and the addition of interfacing with third party devices is very compelling. My almost dead Razr is another.

I have a love/hate relationship with my Razr. I love that it is a flip phone. I hate that my contacts have a different entry for each number rather than grouped by person. I love that my phone is small and sturdy. I hate that I can’t read the keys in the bright sun. I love that my phone can take being dropped. I hate that I have to listen to a whole message before I can delete it. I hate that texting is impossible.

I love that it has the Motorolla logo – the bat signal on it. And most of all I love that Jack the Cingular logo is still on my phone. I hate ATT.

So, I’m sure I will have the same relationship with my iPhone. I’ll love my iPhone but I will still hate ATT.

But, I’ll have lots of apps that I can’t wait to get my hands on.
Koi Pond, Bloom, Spore, Level, Compass, Pandora, iTunes, Tweetie, Bloom, Shazamm …

That’s a start.

Anything I’m missing?

  • cuz linda

    oh yes – def get Shazamm.
    And like I said,, I like BUMP so far — for use with other iPhoners….you can swap files back and forth pretty easily.

    I have the KINDLE app so I can access all my KINDLE books — of course it’s not great for long reading session but comes in handy when I don’t have my Kindle with me and find myself sitting at long red lights, in a waiting room etc.


  • Reading while you are driving is not recommended.

    Thanks for commenting.