a book nook takes on kindle-ing


OK. Now we’re talking.

I would buy this device. I know it only does books – a one trick pony. But it let’s you lend your books to others and it doesn’t look like a Texas Instruments calculator. This device looks like BN hired some product designers and some interface designers, and a marketing crew that knows how to do point-of-purchase.

Barnes and Noble have listened to the criticism of the Kindle and have brought a more sophisticated and attractive device into the fray.

  • The price is reasonable from the start.
  • Design is clean.
  • Multi-touch.
  • Color navigation panel (for swiping through book covers, a la iTunes)
  • You can buy it in a BN store. (many distribution points – one a few blocks from me)
  • You can browse digital books
  • You can lend your book to others on a number of devices
  • It has a memory expansion slot
  • It can play MP3’s
  • It can read PDF’s (essential)

Did I mention that the design is clean? The device is a bit thicker and weighs more than the Kindle. The other important part is moving away from proprietary formats.

Lending is good.

I’ll be heading down to the Barnes and Noble to check it out. I’ll let you know if I am as impressed when I can touch it.