iPad some people get it

Here’s a bit of advertising for the new Alice book for the iPad. It’s pretty darn cool. A whole layer of activity on top of the text. It’s heading in the right direction.

Still more meaningful interaction would be so much better. Interaction that really illuminates to content not just bells and whistles. I have high expectations in this new space. We need someone like Cyan who originally created Myst to step up and shift the expectations in this reading environment.

If Alice in Wonderland was the text and an interactive experience like Myst imagine the experience!

You can download Myst for your iPhone and you can now play the next level of Myst online here.

interfaces work for everyone

This vid is bouncing around on tumblr. It’s a look at how interaction can be so intuitive, and feel so real that other beings interact and experience something very real. Watching this “smart cat” play with an iPad just like it would with a string or a keyboard tells us how far our interfaces have come. How rich a good touch interface can be is very exciting.


good medicine


I haven’t seen the outside world for three days. Yesterday finally felt the outside air and walked over to Old City Coffee sitting outside in the sun for about two and a half hours. What a good medicine the sun.

Still no Comcast. After many more phone calls and tweets than should be necessary, installation is expected to take place on tuesday. Seeing is believing.